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Cordova Hard Coolers are Stocked and Ready to Ship

We worked so hard restocking our inventory of hard coolers that our warehouse is packed tighter than a pair of bicycle shorts after Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, the foreman lost his phone back there in July and can’t get to it. He’s been using his mom’s old rotary phone to make his weekend plans; it’s embarrassing. Give the good folks over at our Nampa, ID facility some more breathing room and pick up a hard cooler or two. Order online for a special offer, then we’ll ship your gear out within 48 hours! Since all Cordova coolers are 100% made-in-the-USA, you can receive your new cooler quickly to get a head start on game day or prepare for an autumn backpacking excursion.

We never really noticed that he had a Nickelback ringtone until we started hearing it echo off the walls of 48 qt coolers in the back row for three days straight. Fortunately, his battery died long ago. Each pallet we clear away brings him closer to checking his hundreds of notifications and unread messages.

Speaking of the stack of 48 qt Adventurers, these versatile hard coolers can hold a whopping 40 lbs of ice and maintain a frosty temperature for days on end. Pack it up for a camping trip this fall and enjoy cold drinks and perfectly preserved provisions over a long weekend. On the way back, stop by a country market and fill the Adventurer up with a few gallons of fresh apple cider.

Actually, he thinks he spotted it between the Living Coral-colored 48s and the Kryptek-wrapped 88 qt Journey hard coolers. Those are the ones for serious sportsmen. At over three feet wide and a foot and a half tall, the catch will be guaranteed fresh at the end of the day even if you caught your limit early. Whatever you choose for your active lifestyle, Cordova’s wide selection of outdoor coolers and American-made craftsmanship guarantee a lifetime of satisfying adventures.

And why pay a premium for a rotomolded cooler only to wait for backordered parts to ship in from overseas? You may think you’re getting a made-in-the-USA product but many cooler manufacturers depend on a global supply chain that continues to experience severe disruptions. Choosing Cordova means that you can start your journey right away and save a little money, all while supporting the working men and women who make this country strong.

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Within 48 hours, your Cordova is out of our warehouse and we’re one step closer to finding that long-lost device that intermittently regurgitates “Photograph,” or was it “How You Remind Me?” Yeah, we’re hiding his charger behind the Beach Blue 20 qt Sidekicks. So, if you’re in the market for a quality, handcrafted hard cooler, make your way over to the site and compare the various sizes, features, and designs that best meet your needs. While you’re there, check out some cool accessories to get the most out of your ice-retaining powerhouse. Place your order and you’ll be on the way to cooler adventures in no time.

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