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Cordova vs Yeti Comparison

Five Ways Cordova Puts Yeti on Ice

Get ready outdoors enthusiasts and gear gurus, Cordova is the new kid in town who freezes the competition in their tracks and leaves them quaking in their Polyurethane insulation. Thinking about upgrading to a roto-mold cooler and looking for an alternative to Yeti’s hype? Check out what Cordova does better and how you can retain more ice while saving some serious green.

Provides Clarity

You know what you’re getting with a Cordova cooler. Believe it or not, Yeti’s popular Tundra 65 does NOT have a 65 qt capacity. It holds closer to 50. The 48 qt Adventurer actually holds 48 quarts and has the same drink-carrying capacity as the Tundra 65 at 42 cans. Trust Cordova to give it to you straight so you can make an informed decision about the provisions you need to pack for your next trip.

Saves You Money

Cordova’s line of hard coolers are giving Yeti’s products a run for their money, literally. Have you priced a Yeti Cooler lately? That same Tundra 65 comes with a wallet-shredding $349.99 price tag. You can save an incredible $140 with the similarly-sized Cordova Adventurer. The Adventurer doesn’t skimp on premium materials and a quality build either. Cordova uses environmentally-friendly EcoFoam insulation that delivers optimal performance vs. polyurethane. The Adventurer is built to last and retains ice for days.

100% Made-in-America

Yeti beats around the bush on this subject but many of their coolers are made overseas. Although it’s certainly not unusual for large corporations to use foreign labor to save on costs, you’d think they could at least pass those savings on to their customers. Cordova employs dedicated American workers to handcraft their surprisingly affordable hard coolers right here in the USA. American manufacturing is still going strong and Cordova is proud to employ good people making great gear.

Improves Accessibility

Packing tight for a long weekend and taking a roadside break? Try getting into your Yeti Tundra without unloading half of your vehicle. Cordova’s unique Top Loader Latches™ keep your refreshments accessible at every stop along the way. As an added bonus, your Cordova Cooler lid will lock in the up position while you root around for your favorite flavor.

Features Metal Handles That Really Pop

Rope handles in the rugged outdoors…really. Customers love Cordova’s sturdy aluminum handles that stand up to the elements and endure the trail’s wear and tear. Under each handle, you can find useful bottle openers to crack open a few after a long day of fun in the sun. Try popping a longneck with Yeti’s droopy cord.

Cordova vs Yeti Comparison

So, maybe Yeti isn’t all that and a bag of ice. Discover how to make #cooleradventures with Cordova’s line of premium hard coolers. From day trips to deep sea excursions, find an ice chest that complements your outdoor lifestyle.

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