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Single-Serving Sized Backcountry Lunchpack: Just in Time for Back to School

As the back-to-school season begins, finding a quality lunch pack becomes a priority for families on the go. We got you, fam. Tackle that task once and for all with Cordova Outdoors’ Backcountry Class™ Lunchpack. This single serving sized cooler will protect your next meal through a bus ride and morning classes, or commute (foot, bike, train, kayak, car, plane – however you roll) and half a day’s work. And look good doing it. For years to come. Constructed with exceptional insulation, and a rugged shell, our Lunchpack keeps your next meal hot OR cold from the time you pack it up until you have time to enjoy it.

Meet the Cordova Outdoors Backcountry Class™ Lunchpack Cooler

The Cordova Backcountry Class™ Lunchpack is a compact yet powerful cooler designed to handle everything from school lunches to office meals to solo road trip snacks to BYO food outdoor adventures. Its thoughtful design optimally combines form with function, making it a perfect piece of gear for any individual outing.

Unrivaled Insulation for Freshness

One of the standout features of this lunch bag is its unparalleled insulation. The Cordova Lunchpack has THICK, closed cell foam walls on all six sides (yup, the lid too) to keep your food and beverages fresh and chilly for extended periods. With Cordova's exceptional insulation, you can keep that salad crispy and that kombucha or Capri Sun chilly, whether you're at the school lunch table, on the construction site or stuck back in the office.

Durability that Withstands the Elements

Made from TOUGH ballistic Cordura nylon, with welded seams and handle and a rigid base, Cordova’s Backcountry Class™ Lunchpack is built to withstand arduous conditions and EVERYDAY use. Its rugged construction ensures it can handle the rigors of outdoor adventures and the daily wear and tear of commuting to work or school. This individually sized cooler is designed to be your reliable companion for years to come. But it once. Buy it right. Take care of it and it’ll take care of you.

Compact, Efficient Design

The Cordova Lunchpack cooler is incredibly efficiently constructed; it’s the perfect size for a sandwich, sides and a drink. It’s also equipped with an interior zipper compartment for condiments and an exterior zipper pocket for utensils, napkins, hand sanitizer and anything else you want to carry along and keep away from your food.

Versatility for Any Occasion

Whether you're a student (or parent of a student/s) looking for a durable back-to-school lunch bag that won’t get lost in the crowd (did we mention these Lunchpacks are CUSTOMIZALBE? Cuz, they are…) or a professional in need of a jobsite or stuck in the office lunch carrying solution, the Cordova Backcountry Class™ Lunchpack cooler caters to all of humankind. If you eat; this Lunchpack is for you. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of activities and situations, and its efficient design makes it portable enough to go wherever you go.

A Responsible Choice

Cordova Outdoors takes environmental responsibility seriously. We get that manufacturing things has an impact on our planet. To minimize that, we work to reuse materials when we can and to build products that are more likely to be passed down to posterity than carted off to a landfill in a few months. We believe that our products stand the test of time, and encourage you to “Choose wisely in order to consume less”. The Backcountry Class™ Lunchpack is crafted using quality materials that will last for years. Again: Buy it once, buy it right, use it for years.

We’ve worked hard to design and refine our Backcountry Class™ Lunchpack cooler. Its outstanding insulation, durability, versatility, and price point make it a great value and a worthwhile investment. Lunch out anywhere these days is likely to cost at LEAST $10. At that rate, our Lunchpack pays for itself in less than two weeks. We work hard for our money, know you do too, and that it doesn’t go as far as it did a couple of years ago. Let this quality piece of gear help you save more of what you make by protecting the provisions you pack it with on a daily basis.

The Most Versatile Lunchpack on the Planet – Yeah, We Mean It

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Cordova Backcountry Class™ Lunchpack’s ability to keep food fresh and safe from the elements makes it an ideal companion for school lunches hiking, camping, picnics, jet-skiing (saltwater or freshwater spray ain’t gonna bother it none), and other adventures. So, whether you're in school, exploring the wilderness or having a fun day at the park, you can count on Cordova to keep your meal delightful.

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