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Cordova VS Yukon USA Made Cooler Throw Down

A Made-in-the-USA Cooler Throw Down: Cordova vs. Yukon

We get it, finding the right hard cooler for your unique needs is serious business. Who wants to get to the campsite at the end of a long drive only to find a sloshy mess of half-melted ice with a pack of hotdogs floating over to give your longnecks a high five? Everyone needs to chill out and have their space.

Buying American is also a huge factor when shopping around for your next dependable ice-preserving companion. Fortunately, Cordova’s coolers have struck a happy medium between maximum cooling power and made-in-the-USA craftsmanship.

We applaud Yukon for their work ethic and sticking it to the multinational corporations. Although, there are some key features that set Cordova apart, which may be a better fit for your dynamic lifestyle in the great outdoors.

Cordova vs Yukon: Variety, the Spice of Life

Yukon offers four hard cooler sizes with three or so colors from which to choose. Cordova delivers a wide variety of chilling capacities, from 20 qt coolers to 88 qt coolers, along with a crazy amount of color options and graphic wraps. From Yellowstone to the proud American flag, Cordova offers the opportunities to make your cooler truly your own while persevering your provisions for days on end.

Cordova vs Yukon: Inventory Ready to Ship

Cordova employs good people making great gear day in and day out. No matter the size of your order or what specifications you may request, rely on Cordova to deliver regardless of seasonal demands. Cordova’s online ordering process is easy as 1-2-3…actually, axe 3 and stick with a simple 1-2. Order online or talk to a helpful representative to meet your cooling needs. Cordova will have your gear trail-ready in no time! Cordova also offers generous discounts to first responders and healthcare professionals for whom we are forever in debt (find out more here).

Cordova vs Yukon: Top Loader Latches & Lid-Lock System

Accessing cold beverages with pull-down latches is all well and good when you’re in the middle of a spacious beach but what about the rest of the trip? Cordova’s innovative Top Loader Latches™ make everything so much more accessible from mile one until the journey is done. The cooler lids also lock in place when opened, so you don’t have to worry about a heavy lid crushing your fingers when searching around for your favorite beverages or snacks.

Choosing the right cooler for you shouldn’t be so hard, so Cordova tries its very best to stock the right gear and provide helpful customer service pro’s to meet your every ice-retaining need. No matter what awesome adventure that you’re planning next, Cordova has a proven and ready line of ice-retaining cooler powerhouses to keep up with you, no matter where the journey’s turns, tacks, and tides take you next.

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