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4 - Patented lid lock system

5 - aluminum handles w/ bottle opener

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It started out as a bet. Friends and family were enjoying a day on the water in their new Mastercraft boat and began complaining about the quality of the cooler and what they could do about it. Captain Scott Campbell Jr of Deadliest Catch fame stated he could make one that would fit the opening in the boat and that would keep their “beverages” cold all day. Scoffing, his buddies said put your money where your mouth is. Scott did. After several prototypes and patience, Cordova Coolers emerged.

Cordova Cooler Lifestyle

Raised in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest and being extreme outdoor enthusiasts, we knows what it takes to survive the harshest of environments and what gear to bring along for the ride. If you are on a grand adventure in the extreme temperatures of Alaska, relaxing on your favorite beach, or working an oil rig in Texas, know that your Cordova Cooler will not let you down. Proudly made in America with more cooling power than anything else on the market.


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