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The Best Hard Cooler for 2022 Outdoor Adventures

Looking for a premium, American-made hard cooler without the hype and obnoxious price tag? Out of the many alternatives to Yeti on the sales floor and online stores today, Cordova’s line of hard-sided, rotomolded coolers are packed with the most value. Cordova coolers are built to give you the most chill for your dollar bills in 2022.

The Cold Hard Facts

If it can’t keep cold, you have nothing more than a bulky hunk of plastic taking up valuable room in your trunk. Cordova’s hard coolers maintain their chill in four distinct ways, which significantly improves ice retention over other coolers in the market.

  • Rotomold construction: the manufacturing process produces one seamless, solid piece of highly durable plastic.
  • Ecofoam insulation: this advanced, environmentally-friendly material is injected into the body of the cooler to boost efficiency allowing extended use for days.
  • Tight-sealing lid: when the lid shuts, it sounds more like a refrigerator closing. Each cooler features a heavy-duty rubber gasket that seals tight with the top loader latches.
  • Advanced drain plug: the leak-proof plug is made from strong DelrinⓇ acetal resin that resists wear and tear over the cooler’s lifetime.

Cool Quality for a Hot Value

Along with American craftsmanship comes a higher standard for quality and a desire to keep costs under control. You deserve the best performing cooler at a reasonable price. Why pay more for a similar product made almost exclusively overseas?

You can save a cool $100 by putting that Yeti Tundra 65 back on the shelf and going with the similarly-sized 48 qt Adventurer from Cordova. Ben Franklin would be proud.

Better still, each hard cooler is made by hand and individually inspected at Cordova’s Nampa, ID facility ensuring you get a first-rate product with every purchase. Buying American also means avoiding disruptive global supply chain issues. Cordova is stocked and ready to ship within 48 hours of an online order.

Fresh Features

From top to bottom, these seemingly nice-to-have features can be real lifesavers out in the wilderness. Tough aluminum handles with built-in bottle openers make short work out of transportation and cracking open a few bottles once you get to camp. They sure beat dinky ropes and slippery built-in plastic handles you find on most coolers.

Top-loader Latches not only keep the lid tight and secure, they are also uniquely positioned so you can retrieve your cooler contents, even in a densely packed vehicle. On the other end, Anti-slip Goat Feet keep your cooler steady on smooth surfaces like truck beds and boat decks. They also elevate the cooler above potentially hot surfaces, which enhances overall cooling performance.

Oh, and Cordova’s hard coolers are certified bear-proof when padlocked. Yes, that’s a real thing and the coolers are actually tested by 700+ lb grizzly bears. After an hour of biting, clawing, and swiping, the contents were completely untouched.

So, before setting out for this year’s season of outdoor living, explore your hard cooler options online. You can even include a custom wrap in your order! Gear up with the best American-made hard coolers without emptying your wallet.

Catch you later on down the trail.

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