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  • Greater Cordova Country

Welcome to Cordova Country: Gear Up for Adventure in the Alaskan Wilderness

Cordova, Alaska sits at the base of the beautiful Chugach Mountains surrounded by lush forests, breathtaking glaciers, and pristine waterways. Cordova Outdoors was born and bred in this awe-inspiring place and the chillest cooler company around hasn’t forgotten its roots. From the logo that features the mountains’ striking ridgeline to the values that bind the community, Cordova Outdoors is proud of its heritage and its recent partnership with the Cordova Chamber of Commerce.

This partnership was formed on mutual respect for the great outdoors, a desire to sustain the community’s hardy way of life, and to encourage others to take cooler adventures. Visit the Chamber online to discover unique natural wonders, accommodations, local culture, and all that Cordova has to offer.

Although there are many fascinating areas to explore, Cordova is tied to the water. The town has access to Prince William Sound, the Gulf of Alaska, and the Copper River Delta, all of which produce bountiful harvests for commercial fishermen and local foragers each year. The Copper River is especially well known for its rich stock of King, Sockeye, and Silver Salmon, the world’s finest salmon. Cordova Outdoors got its start on these waters because mass-produced coolers couldn’t cut it out there. Commercial fishermen needed something more robust to get the job done and endure the extreme conditions along the Alaskan coast.

Cordova Country isn’t for the faint of heart, but for those daring enough to meet nature’s challenges, it offers stunning beauty and pacific serenity.

You can also meet some friendly folks up there; the real “sea salt” of the earth. Cordova is a welcoming and unique community of hard-working people who play even harder. In early February you might catch a few of them ice skating on a glacial lake before coming together downtown for the annual Iceworm Festival. That’s right, they celebrate the little creepy-crawlies that can only survive in the ice and snowpack of the northern latitudes with a big parade and a variety of wacky community-driven events including a survival suit race and beard-growing contest. Summertime brings more culinary delights with the Copper River Salmon Jam celebrating the two things that sustain this community year-round: art and salmon.

Cordova, Alaska and Cordova Outdoors are forever linked. Both are driven by hard work, grit, outdoor adventure, and the good people that make life worth living. Looking to explore someplace new and experience what the Alaskan wilderness has to offer? For a remote community off the surface-road system, Cordova is surprisingly easy to get to. Daily jet service by top-rated international commercial carrier, Alaska Airlines, is available. Or you could book a scenic ferry trip on the Alaska Marine Highway. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime, and make sure to pack some quality gear like a good raincoat and an outdoor cooler to keep you and your provisions good for days.


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