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Make Your Adventures Even Cooler

Gear you can trust (1) (1)

Gear you can trust

Cordova, Alaska is a small town inaccessible by road, where the Copper River Delta meets Prince William Sound, hard against the Chugach Mountains. It is a place where life is tied to nature, and particularly to fishing. This place, its spirit and determination, the importance of self-reliance and surviving in grueling environments is what our products are meant to embody.

Buy it. Use it for life. Maintain It. Pass it on.

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We employ good people to make great gear

We are proud of our team and the products we produce. It takes skill and experience to craft a great cooler and we work hard to recruit and retain talented and creative artisans. American manufacturing is not the cheapest, but we control the process from start to finish right here in Idaho.

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We have a sense of urgency

The world never stands still. What was good enough yesterday isn't good enough today. Banners hanging from our rafters literally remind us to make today count and to keep moving forward. We take pride and satisfaction in working relentlessly to bring you better outdoor gear.

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We're proud of what we do

Taking raw materials and making something that is built to last is a fulfilling process. We are happy to tell people where we work and what we do. We smile when we see our products in the wild because we know that is where they were built to be. By us.

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And care deeply for our planet

Making things has an environmental impact. We work hard to minimize ours. A great way to reduce waste is to never throw gear away, so our products are made to last a lifetime. We love the outdoors, it's part of who we are - literally in our name. Like you, we want to enjoy and preserve wild places.

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Put us to the test.

We hope and expect that our products are more likely to be passed to the next generation than to a landfill. We love our products, have used them in the wild, and the backyard, and invite you to do the same.

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Built tough, priced right

Why Cordova?

Cordova Pricing

Competitor Pricing

  • Top Quality Materials Hand-Crafted in Idaho

    We take pride in the fact that our rotomolded coolers are hand crafted from start to finish in Idaho.

  • Stand Out With Beautiful Product Design

    Rotational molding creates a seamless shell with an Alaskan inspired profile. Our coolers are rugged and beautiful.

  • Backed By Superior Customer Support

    Like you, we depend on our gear to perform. If it doesn't, we've got your back.

  • Make it Yours by Customizing Your Gear

    From 12 oz to 128 qt, etching to wrapping, at Cordova, we let our imagination run wild and invite you to do the same.

Owned by a former Navy SEAL and a backcountry pilot

Developed to meet the needs of commercial deep sea fishermen, the Cordova Outdoors story is one of enduring, even flourishing, in harsh conditions. Team Cordova, based in the Pacific Northwest, is headed by a former Navy SEAL and a backcountry pilot. Our products are made to last a lifetime by people who understand what it’s like to trust a livelihood, even a life, to equipment.

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