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The Best Coolers for 2022 Fun in the Sun: A Day At The Beach

What trip to the beach is complete without your favorite folding chair and your trusty travel cooler? Cordova recommends you pick up a 28 qt Companion cooler for some cool fun in the hot sun. The Companion is available in a variety of tubular colors like Beach Blue and Living Coral. Style meets substance with a roto-mold, Ecofoam-insulated design that guarantees cold drinks until the sun goes down and beyond.

Like Cordova’s other hard coolers made for adventure-seekers and hardcore recreators, each aluminum handle features two bottle openers, because honestly, maybe 10% of us remember to bring a bottle opener to the beach. Alternatively, you can store up to 28 cans in this surprisingly compact cold-retaining kahuna. Use the raised-lip lid as a flat surface for your cans, bottles, or charming collection of sea glass and beach treasures.

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