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Keeping Dogs Safe and Happy in the Great Outdoors

Running free, tail wagging, taking in dozens of intoxicating smells every minute…oh, to be a dog enjoying the great outdoors for the first time! Planning on taking your furry, four-legged friend with you on your next outdoor adventure? Here are some things to keep in mind before hitting the road with your puppers.

Food and Water

Starting with the basics, it’s vitally important to pack extra food and provide plenty of clean water. Your best friend is going to be burning a ton of calories on the trail and at the campsite, so they are going to need to replenish much more often. Remember to lock down the dog food, just like the people food, to avoid attracting unwanted woodland critters. Unless your container is certified bear-proof like a Cordova cooler, just keep Fido’s chow in the car.

Your dog probably enjoys a nice cool down in the lake or creek but the ol’ watering hole shouldn’t be his primary drinking source. Just like us, dogs are susceptible to water-borne illnesses and bacteria. Pack extra water for yourself and your buddy.

Keeping it cool is an added bonus. Like the water bottles and tumblers, Cordova’s 64 oz outdoor dog bowls feature double-wall steel construction that keeps water cool for hours. So, when you get back to the campsite, pour yourself some adult refreshment in a wine tumbler and fill up his bowl with some cool, fresh water. You can even get the bowl engraved with your dog’s name or any of the dozens of nicknames you've given him already.

Prevention and Cures

If this is your first trip with your canine companion, a trip to the vet beforehand is a good idea. Make sure that shots are up to date and consider any allergies or adverse reactions your pup may have had on previous outings closer to home. Pick up some more tick and flea medication while you’re there.

Pack a first aid kit for your dog as well. Don’t forget your first aid kit either and look up any potentially dangerous flora and fauna at your destination. You may need to pack an extra snake bite kit or be prepared to deal with poison ivy, oak, or sumac. Finally, always check your dog for ticks before you turn in for the night, especially in and around the ears.

Doggy- and Self-Discipline

Both you and your dog need to have it together out in the wilderness. Chasing wildlife, losing you on the trail, ignoring commands, forgetting the leash at home, these can all get you and your fur baby into trouble out there. Putting your dog through obedience training saves you a lot of stress and not pushing your dog too hard reduces his anxiety too. Give them time to rest in the shade or cool down in the river. Don’t let them run too far ahead and do your due diligence regarding leash laws and other pet-related restrictions.

With the right preparation and equipping durable gear, you and your best bud can return to nature and explore the big, wide world together. Cordova Outdoors is committed to refreshment whether it’s sipped out of a tumbler or lapped out of a dog bowl.

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