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Grizzlies Find Cordova’s Lack of Easy Access Unbearable

It’s official. Cordova Outdoors hard coolers are certified bear-resistant and passed the test with real live bears. The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) puts outdoor gear and equipment through their paces every year using a rigorous set of testing protocols and a few inquisitive 700-pound grizzly bears.

The IGBC is a truly unique organization that brings together a team of biologists, trained inspectors, and administrators whose sole purpose is to make the great outdoors safer for both bears and humans. It’s a worthwhile burden to bear (you knew there’d be bear puns) and Cordova Outdoors shares IGBC’s commitment to conservation and minimizing man’s environmental impact. Enjoying nature responsibly is always paw-sible!

Bear-Resistant Coolers IGBC Approved

So, how did Cordova earn IGBC’s seal of approval?

  • The testing team places a food item in the cooler and smears the surface with an attractant like peanut butter, honey (of course), or fish oil.
  • They latch and secure the cooler with a padlock. Each Cordova Outdoors hard cooler is designed to accommodate two locks (not included) that ensure a tight seal.
  • Play time! The cooler is placed in an enclosure containing multiple grizzly bears
  • The bears take turns biting, clawing, pounding, and rolling the cooler for 60 minutes or until they decide it’s just not worth it.
  • Testing personnel retrieve the cooler and conduct a thorough inspection, looking for any breaches or damaged latches and hinges.
  • When everything is found in working order and the food items are still intact, the cooler passes the test and receives a certification number.

With your Cordova, and a lock of your choice, explore bear country with confidence. Other woodland critters will barely notice as you unwind at the campsite after a strenuous hike with a cold beverage as you unload the cooler to prep for chowtime. Beyond the bear necessities, discover how Cordova’s outdoor coolers can make your next backcountry adventure even cooler.

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