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Best Camping Cooler In The Game

As the atmospheric rivers ebb, record snowpack in the west continues to melt, trees, plants and animals situated north of I-40 that went dormant for the winter come back to life and school years wind down, camping season is here. We. Are. Ready. You should be too. Now is the time to check your gear and ensure that you’ve got the best camping cooler in the game.

Take us with you when you go! Cordova Outdoors’ Basecamp Class™ coolers are engineered and built to be the perfect provision protector for overnight or extended camping trips. When you want to get off the beaten path but aren’t heading out on foot, let us support your memory-making adventures. When you get where you’re going, park your vehicle, pitch your tent, arrange the camping chairs, and plant your cooler close by. Game on.

We’ve field-tested and proven our Basecamp Class™ coolers’ ability, time and again, to keep food and drinks cold for a LONG time.  Here’s how to make your ice last and keep what fuels you fresh:

  • Freeze our Glacial Ice Packs solid ahead of time and use them. Yes, it’s like we’re trying to sell you more stuff, but they WORK and extend the life of cubed ice by 30%. A ratio of 10 qts to 1 lb of Ice Pack is ideal. So, a two-pounder is perfect for the 20 qt cooler. Two four-pound packs will handle an 88 qt. When in doubt, use more Ice Pack.
  • Unless it’s colder outside, bring your cooler inside 24 hours before you plan to use it to pre-cool the foam insulation as much as possible.
  • Fill the cooler with ice to bring the temperature of your cooler’s insulation down. This ice will melt relatively quickly as the insulation cools.
  • Drain the water and fill your Cordova with your provisions first and then fresh ice.
  • Use COLD ice. (Ice, like water, does vary in temperature. Ice that is dry to the touch, as opposed to wet and slippery, is colder and will last longer.)
  • Block ice is preferable to cubed ice – it will last A LOT, like 30%, longer. If using block ice, it’s a good idea to put that in early to make sure there’s enough room for the block.
  • Prechill provisions when possible.
  • An ice to provisions ratio of 3:1 is ideal.
  • When in use, keep the lid closed and latched unless retrieving or returning provisions.
  • If you can keep the cooler out of direct sunlight, do. The insulation is thick but a lid exposed to direct sunlight can easily get over 100 degrees, and dark colors get even hotter. (That’s why we use white lids on so many of our colorways: Form AND Function, in perfect harmony.)

One feature that doesn’t necessarily matter too much at neighborhood barbecues, pool parties or tailgates, but can make a huge difference in the backyard or beyond is our Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee certified bear resistant design. There are lock receivers on each side of the front or the lid and body to keep supplies secured from even the most aggressive, like Revenant-type, bear. The IGBC has tested our coolers. The bears are 0-for against them. #therewhenyouneedit 

In addition to being tough, Cordova Outdoors Basecamp Class™ coolers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 20 to 128 qts, choose the size that best fits your needs. Or collect the entire Class. They also come with bottle openers so you’ll never be stuck staring at a sealed bottle, and tie-down points molded into the body, so if you’re going through rough country, our coolers are happy to come along for the ride.

Cordova Outdoors Basecamp Class™ coolers are a great lifehack, a solid piece of gear for any camping trip. They are tough, versatile, and efficient; perfect for setting up and using at a campsite. Whether you are planning a weekend or week-long getaway, a Cordova cooler is the camping cooler that will satisfy all of your needs. #Americascooler

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