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Unmatched Custom Coolers

Cordova Outdoors’ Basecamp and Backcountry Class™ hard coolers are designed and built (in America!) to be extremely functional and durable. If you’ve seen our Instagram posts showing our rotomolded coolers being thrown, full of ice and drinks, off the roof of our production facility in Idaho onto asphalt and concrete thirty feet below and taking the shock like it’s no big deal, you know we make gear that stands up to serious stress.

Check it out in action!

While we’re proud of the quality of our gear, and there are plenty of competitive products out there that can’t take that kind of punishment, (some featured on our Instagram) it’s only one aspect of what makes Cordova’s coolers so special.

A point of differentiation we’re particularly proud of, where literally no competitor can match us is our cooler customization capabilities. We pioneered the concept of applying the same durable materials used to customize commercial vehicles to rotomolded coolers. Then we tested, refined, invested and repeated that process until we felt confident we could, with certainty, tell anyone, anywhere, anytime that our custom coolers are not just awesome, but uniquely awesome.

The material used for the base layer is designed to last for years in arduous outdoor environments. We then digitally apply a water-based latex-based ink, with no VOC’s or solvents, to the base layer to create full color-spectrum designs that are beyond anything possible with mold-in graphics, oil-based ink, or any other method. The design is covered with an ultra-durable matte-finish laminate to protect the design from everything from nicks and scratches to damage from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Once the design is printed and protected, our machinery cuts the material to precisely fit the lid tray and each side of our custom coolers, in a way that accentuates both the unique graphic and our signature Chugach Mountain silhouettes. Every surface of the cooler is then cleaned and treated to bond with the base layer and the entire design is applied by hand and heat cured. It’s serious work and the result is seriously awesome. Please, if you’re so inclined, go look for a more impressive custom cooler. You won’t find one.

Our processes have been refined to the point where we can offer customization of just a single hard cooler – yours could be literally the only one in the world.

Beyond our Basecamp Class™ coolers, we offer awesome soft cooler customization of our Backcountry Class™. Full color logos can be applied to the cooler lid – if you can dream the design, we can produce it.

Stainless steel drinkware is a third class of customizable gear. We can engrave in gradients and print in full color UV-cured ink. At quantities of 1-1000+ with short lead times.

We’ve also worked to make it easy on our customers to create custom coolers and gear. Customize your Cordova drinkware right on our website. No need to wait on turnaround time for proofs or estimates. Check it out here: (link)

Our Backcountry Class™ coolers and lid graphics for our Basecamp Class™ can also be submitted and virtually designed right through our site for small batch orders (up to five units).

We’ve also been able to scale our production abilities and prove the concept to the largest distributors of corporate promotional products in the Country. We’re proud to work with them to help companies large and small get awesome gear tailored to exacting specifications. For corporate orders, please contact us ( and we’ll work with you to create something awesome.

Cordova Outdoors Customization: in our opinion, the single coolest product there is.

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