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Traveling Light? You Need a New Soft Cooler or Tote in Your Life

Daytrippers, staycationers, picnicers, and outdoor theater-goers rejoice! Cordova is introducing new gear that’s made for those who like to keep their outdoor adventures pretty chill. The new Backcountry Class™ backpack, daypack, and tote are ready to keep you refreshed and equipped to take on an afternoon of apple picking, riverside noshing, or 9th hole hydrating.

Designed to be more lightweight and mobile-friendly than traditional hard coolers, this gear doesn’t skimp on performance. The backpack, daypack, and tote are made with 420 denier nylon–that’s an industry term for fabric that’s so tough, lumberjacks use it to protect themselves from chainsaw injuries. So, a trail full of burrs and thorns doesn’t stand a chance of ruining your picnic as you make your way farther on down the trail. This easy-to-clean, waterproof material also stands up to direct UV rays and nasty germs, which adds an additional unseen layer of protection. Add some tightly-gripping zippers or a sturdy hook to seal the main compartments and nothing is getting in and nothing is getting out.

Embedded within the rugged shells of the backpack and daypack, a two-inch layer of foam insulation keeps everything nice and cool all day long. Getting thirsty along the way? Pop open a cold one in the clearing up ahead. Need a snack on the way back? Nibble on some fresh grapes and cheese by the stream. Take your time and refresh in the great outdoors. There’s plenty of room to store your drinks and eats. To give you an idea: the backpack can carry 24 cans, the daypack has a 16 can capacity, and the tote can haul 40 liters of freedom to your destination and back.

These soft coolers and tote are equipped with features that enhance the overall experience. Extra pockets can store a few bottle and wine openers along with a set of cutlery and bear spray, depending on how you roll out your charcuterie in the backcountry. The daypack has molle webbing on the front and back to strap in some towels or ponchos along with a comfy shoulder strap to lighten the load.

Cordova is all about giving you options. The backpack, daypack, and tote are each available in Sand, Scree, and Yonder colors. From the casual weekender to the hardcore adventurer, we have outdoor gear to accommodate each and every outing. Explore your options and then do some actual exploring out there, you know, in nature. That’s just kind of what you do in Cordova Country. Let’s hit the road, and the trail, for some cooler adventures.


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