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This Fourth of July, Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures

Let’s go! It's time to gear up for Peak Summer Celebrating and summer doesn’t get any more peak than the Fourth of July! Whether you're getting into the backcountry, hitting the beach, or kicking it in the backyard, Cordova Outdoors provides quality gear to keep your food and drinks cool and refreshing and your supplies secure for as long as you’re enjoying the outdoors.

  • Hard coolers for Durability: We manufacture American-Made quality rotomolded Basecamp Class™ Coolers from extra-small at 20 quarts (take it anywhere) to extra-large at 128 quarts (it’s a beast). Seriously, nothing beats the durability and craftsmanship of our rotationally molded coolers, made with a one-piece continuously molded shock absorbing shell (load it up and beat it up, it’ll be fine and you’ll be happy) and filled with enough Eco-Foam to hold ice for days. Cordova Outdoors takes great pride in manufacturing our coolers in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, adhering to high quality standards and supporting local material suppliers. Our commitment to American manufacturing guarantees that your Basecamp Class Cooler is built to withstand rugged outdoor adventures while also providing us the ability to pay our craftspeople a living wage.
  • Soft Coolers for Versatility: Cordova Outdoors offers a variety of Backcountry Class™ soft coolers that are perfect for smaller gatherings or on-the-go adventures. These compact yet efficient coolers come in Daypack, Backpack, and now Lunchpack configurations, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Made with ballistic nylon, watertight zippers and closed-cell foam, our soft coolers keep your perishables chilled for extended periods. Whether you're hiking, picnicking watching the parade in the morning or the fireworks at night, these coolers provide portability and convenience without compromising on performance.
  • Bags for Portability:
  • Our Tote is the ideal beach or boat companion and with a 40-liter capacity, it has enough room to hold everything you need for the day – from towels to hats to sunscreen, with a thoughtfully designed interior pocket for phones and an easy hook closure to keep gear secure. Our ballistic nylon has never met a beach that could breach it. Trust your day on the sand or the rocks to our Tote – it won’t let you down.
  • Our Dry Bag has a cavernous 65-liter main watertight compartment with the beefiest zipper you’ve ever seen or will ever need. Send it down the whitewater, cross-deck it from the boat to the pier, drag it through the downpour – it won’t let you down. With a separate bottom compartment for keeping wet gear segregated from dry, welded tie-down handles and a detachable shoulder strap, it’s portable and practical. In tactical black, this is probably our most underappreciated piece of gear. But it’s tough enough that it doesn’t need attention, it just gets the job done.

This Fourth of July, elevate your outdoor adventures and celebrations with Cordova Outdoors' Basecamp Class hard coolers, Backcountry Class soft coolers or ridiculously heavy-duty Bags. Experience the durability, performance, and pride of American craftsmanship with Cordova Outdoors as you enjoy the holiday festivities and create lasting memories.


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