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The Start of Something Cool

Cordova Outdoors was built to meet the rigorous needs of commercial fishermen plying their arduous trade in the treacherous waters of the Bering Sea. Their livelihoods depend on hard work, a hearty spirit, and reliably strong equipment, including their coolers. From their first voyage in 2015 to their continuing adventures around the world, Cordova hard coolers and soft coolers have served their owners with robust American craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and remarkable affordability.

Today, Cordova and a growing community of fellow outdoor enthusiasts firmly stand behind their coolers. Cordova Outdoors invites you to discover how good people making great gear can help make your adventures even cooler for a lifetime.

Business school buddies turned entrepreneurs, Jason Galloway and Gentry Jensen, understand that having the right gear is critically important especially when venturing out in the wilderness. Gentry, a former Navy SEAL, and Jason, an avid backcountry pilot, trust their lives and careers to reliable equipment. They have infused Cordova Outdoors with that experience and sense of urgency at all levels.

Jason returned to his roots in Idaho to set up shop where the pair could grow a company and find the hardworking talent needed to design and handcraft industry-disrupting coolers. The team of artisans use a rotomolding process and an environmentally friendly EcoFoam® to maximize each cooler’s ice-retention performance and durability while reducing the overall environmental impact of the manufacturing operation.

Jason, Gentry, and the Cordova team are committed to reducing waste and maintaining a clean environment, so we can all continue to enjoy our great outdoors.

Although they take great pride in their products, which are starting to make waves throughout the outdoor industry, Jason and Gentry remain dedicated to the American worker and a made-in-the-USA work ethic. They take pride in being able to consistently provide their employees a living wage and give them continued opportunities to grow at a time when too many small businesses have struggled or shuttered completely. Braving the storm and banding together, Cordova and American manufacturing will come out stronger and as determined as ever to support their loyal customers.

Cordova Outdoors encourages you to find the right cooler for you, have #cooleradventures, and join a community that works hard and plays even harder. Make it “yourdova” with a wide selection of color and graphics options that you can customize using our new online tools. Whatever path you choose, Cordova promises you’ll have fresh provisions and a nice cold beverage waiting for you at the end of your journey.

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