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The Coolest Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2024

Cordova Outdoors loves the Great Outdoors. Cordova, Alaska is the place that inspired our founding, and the Outdoors is where our products are designed to be. Enabling people to enjoy the natural wonders surrounding us on every hiking trail, climbing route, and camping trip is why we do what we do. From majestic mountain peaks, like Triangle Peak in the Chugach Range, to whitewater rapids like the Copper River that get our adrenaline pumping, Mother Nature's handiwork is straight-up jaw-dropping. But here's the hard truth - the products we manufacture have an environmental impact. Collectively, industry on a global scale puts stress on the incredible natural environment we all cherish. Wild places are under serious threat from climate change and unsustainable habits. Borrowing a phrase from Michael Jordan: “We take that personally.”

That's why Earth Day 2024 matters. It's a reminder that we all need to consider sustainability and do our part to “tread lightly.” We're talking about individual actions, simple choices, that add up to measures that meaningfully protect our great outdoors for us and future generations to enjoy.

At Cordova Outdoors, we’re trying to minimize the impact that manufacturing our products has on the environment. Cordova was founded on hardcore eco-friendly principles that we bake into everything we do. Cordova Outdoors is striving to implement and maintain responsible environmental practices both at our manufacturing facilities and in the lives of our team members. So how are we encouraging our staff to celebrate this Earth Day? Here are a few ideas we’re embracing this Earth Day and invite you to consider.

Embarking On Eco-Conscious Outdoor Adventures

One of the most epic ways to celebrate Earth Day? Prep for an off-the-grid hiking or camping getaway with your squad, but do it the eco-conscious way. Instead of packing drinks in single-use plastic bottles, grab Cordova's Trailhead Class insulated stainless steel tumblers and water bottles. They'll keep your drinks fresh while you leave zero waste behind. Pack snacks with zero-waste too, and channel your inner wilderness pro by following Leave No Trace rules.

Get Your Hands Dirty at a Community Cleanup

From your local park to nearby beaches and trails, there are probably tons of areas that could use some TLC in the form of a litter cleanup. Rally your friends, grab some reusable gloves, and turn Earth Day into a chance to beautify your community while protecting wildlife and preventing pollution. Volunteering made fun!

Gear Up With Eco-Outdoor Essentials

Want to really walk the sustainable walk? Level up your next outdoor adventure by snagging our Basecamp Class Obsidian Recycled Cooler - made from 100% recycled resin diverted from landfills and EcoFoam insulation. It'll keep your food and drinks freshly chilled without putting a strain on the environment. Now you can cut down on waste in eco-friendly style.

Become The Go-to Green Guy/Gal

One of the coolest things you can do for Earth Day is to bone up on the major environmental issues facing our planet and easy ways we can all make a positive impact. Then, share your knowledge, but not in a know-it-all or we’re all doomed kind of way, with friends and fam to inspire them to join you in adopting more eco-friendly habits. Think globally, act locally.

This Earth Day, get hyped to join Cordova Outdoors in going big for our one-and-only home planet and outdoor playground. We're working hard to shrink our carbon footprint, reduce waste and create high-quality, sustainable outdoor gear to help you enjoy epic adventures. Let's show the planet some love!

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