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The Angler's Dream: 128 qt Excursion Hard Cooler

The 128 qt Excursion Cooler is an angler’s dream that will keep your drinks cold when you get to your favorite spot, then maintain your fresh catch all the way back to the cleaning station at the launch ramp. The heavy-duty 40-in. x 17-in rotomolded hard cooler can store modestly-sized Mahi-mahis, Red Snappers, King Salmon, or your limit of Mackerels and trout species.

What makes the Excursion ready for the river, lake or sea, is its tough build, anti-slip Goat Feet™, and Top Loader Latches™. Cordova’s high quality materials and hand-crafted, roto-mold construction are designed to withstand extreme environments. In fact, they were originally built to suit the needs of commercial fishermen operating in the treacherous Bering Sea. The Goat Feet will keep the cooler steady on a wet deck and the Top Loader Latches maximize accessibility without sacrificing valuable space.

With ice retention for days, a sturdy shell that won’t warp or bubble, and a convenient latching design that reinforces a tight seal, the Excursion is a made-in-the-USA cooling powerhouse designed to prove to the skeptics that your big fish story is 100% true and accurate.

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