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Navigating Cordova Country from Basecamp to Backcountry

With all of the features and sizes available today, finding the right hard cooler or soft cooler for your active outdoor lifestyle can be a challenge. Cordova wants to help clear things up, so you can venture out with confidence and start having cooler adventures. When exploring your options in Cordova Country, simply start by choosing between the Basecamp Class™ or the Backcountry Class™.

Refuel Where You Recreate

Think about where you’ll be taking a break, having a quick bite, or prepping a legendary cookout. If you’re snacking and hydrating on the run, you’re going to find yourself in Cordova’s Backcountry. The camp chef, the family meal planner, and the elegant glamper might be more comfortable at Basecamp.

The Basecamp Class features Cordova’s line of cold-trapping, ultra-durable hard coolers. A range of sizes are available, from the solo-adventuring 20 qt to the family-reunion ready 128 qt cooler. Unlike some of the absurdly overhyped cooler makers out there, when Cordova says 88 qt, they mean the cooler can really carry 88 quarts. No mind games, no bizarre marketing schemes, you know exactly what you’re getting with a Cordova cooler.

The Backcountry Class is ready to move with soft cooler backpacks and daypacks. Constructed with incredibly tough and lightweight ballistic nylon, the Backcountry coolers and bags are made to travel with you over land, on the water, or through the air. Even if you’re not going as hard in the great outdoors, this new class of cool is ideal for picnics or a relaxing day at the beach.

Refreshment on the Go

How you recreate is just as important to consider before you start filling up your cart with the coolest gear ever. Equip a Backcountry Backpack for an overnight hiking trip through the wilderness. Going duck hunting in the wetlands? Browse Cordova’s selection of Basecamp hard coolers with Mossy Oak™ camouflage wraps. Heck, Cordova even stocks a rodeo cooler for a rootin’ tootin’ day. Whatever you do out there and however you do it, you know you’re going to have a few cold ones ready to go when you need to sit a spell.

With all the noise and nonsense out there in the world, Cordova likes to keep things plain and simple. Pick up an outdoor cooler that suits your style and just go unplug for a few hours, or even a few days. Whether you find solace on the trail or take comfort in the warm glow of a campfire, Cordova’s Basecamp and Backcountry coolers are here to help you truly savor the great outdoors.

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