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It’s an Earth Day Cordova Clean-up and Clean-out!

One of the themes for Earth Day 2022 is “sustainability is the path to prosperity.” Taking some common sense steps to clean up production and reduce waste benefits businesses, the community, and our environment.

We take reduce, reuse, and recycle to heart around here. Every once in a while, one of our hard coolers isn’t quite up to standard, whether it’s a surface scratch or a funky discoloration. We want to keep these wayward coolers out of the landfill and reduce as much waste as possible in our production process. The overall cooling power and performance are not affected at all, so let’s give them a second shot while we celebrate and preserve our beautiful natural world. From April 14-May 1, 2022, grab a Factory Second hard cooler at 15% off and receive a pair of handles for $15 (normally $40) or shoulder strap for $5 (normally $16) with your purchase.  Plus, we'll sweeten the deal with a FREE 20 oz Cobalt Blue Tumbler! 

Let’s have a cool Earth Day this year as we look forward to a busy season of camping, boating, hiking, surfing, or however you enjoy the great outdoors!

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