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Hard Cooler or Soft cooler: Which is Right for You?

Your active outdoor lifestyle plays a big part when answering this question as you browse all that Cordova has to offer. Whether choosing a hard cooler or soft cooler, rely on Cordova’s expertly-designed and highly-durable gear to get you where you need to go no matter where the journey takes you. Here are three things to consider before ordering your next premium, American-made cooler.

How Long Ya’ Going For?

Soft coolers such as the Traveler Day Pack are designed to be light, portable, and protect your provisions all day long. Weighing only 3.6 lbs when empty, the Traveler Day Pack is built for mobility and maximizing storage capacity. If the day trip turns into an overnighter, you may need to replenish ice or stick those cold packs in the freezer to get ready for the next day’s excursion.

Cordova’s roto-mold hard coolers are crafted to withstand harsh conditions and retain ice for multiple days. The thicker insulation combined with the tightly-sealed hard shell and lid system significantly boost the hard cooler’s overall performance. When pre-cooled, Cordova’s hard coolers will retain ice throughout a weekend trip.

How Much Ya’ Takin’?

Preparing a picnic for two or a beach day for the family? A soft cooler is perfect for storing cold drinks, a few sandwiches, string cheese, carrot sticks, and those little tubes of yogurt with the fun designs for kids -- well you get the idea. The Voyager Backpack Cooler can store up to 36 cans, which should last you through the pack out while taking in the breathtaking sunset.

Going into the backcountry for a few days or heading out to sea to catch your limit? A hard cooler is the way to go. Equip the 48 qt Adventurer or the 88 qt Journey to store up to 85 cans or a day’s worth of steelhead trout. All that cooling power can get a bit hefty though. From the 14 lb Sidekick to the 34.5 lb Journey, transporting fully-loaded hard coolers by hand can be quite a workout, so pack according to your planned activities.

Whatcha’ Needin’ Besides?

Unlike other coolers on the market, Cordova’s hard coolers and soft coolers are loaded with features and options. Your gear should be able to keep up with your recreation as well as complement your lifestyle.

Aside from keeping things cold for hours, The Voyager Backpack stores additional gear in two roomy exterior pockets and a MOLLE compartment in the front. The Traveler Day Pack also includes two exterior pouches to store wine bottle openers, an extra set of cheese knives (you can’t have too many) or whatever else is needed to enjoy a summertime outdoor concert.

Cordova’s line of hard coolers comes in a variety of colors, graphics, and wraps. Beyond their good looks, they feature advanced drain plugs, anti-slip Goat Feet, built-in bottle openers, and lids that lock up in place for better accessibility. Whatever the adventure requires, there’s a Cordova that’s up for the challenge!

Choose your gear well and journey forth unburdened.

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