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Gifts That Show You Care

If you’re the sort of person who takes pride in giving thoughtful gifts, Cordova Outdoors’ custom coolers are tailor-made to showcase your consideration.

We’re talking about the kind of gift that will be appreciated in the moment and used enough to be considered practical, while maintaining its beauty and eventually, over the years as the memories accumulate, achieving heirloom status.

How can we be so confident about our custom coolers? We’ve gifted them ourselves to friends and family – lived it firsthand. Click here to check out our blank slate options or click here to choose from one of our Collections.

Our custom coolers can be as simple, yet personal, as a name on the lid, or as complex as a photo montage that wraps around the cooler’s lid and body walls.

We print on the same durable material used to wrap commercial vehicles, work with you to arrange the artwork as you’d like, digitally print in-house on our own equipment, and then add a durable laminate topcoat for extra scratch and UV protection. Each custom cooler design is hand-applied and individually inspected at our Worldwide Headquarters near Boise, Idaho.

Start customizing your cooler today or contact us directly to turn your idea into a gift we can guarantee won’t be given by anyone else.

We love to create custom coolers for gifts, but we also offer corporate customization and event customization

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