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Five Coolers for Five Kinds of Camping

Let’s go camping! For some, that means packing up the tent and rolling up the sleeping bags. For others, that means getting the RV road-ready and stocked for a rambling weekend. We all have different ideas of what “camping” actually is and our way is the only real way to do it. However you get out and explore nature, Cordova has a camping cooler for you that keeps drinks cold and provisions fresh throughout your journey in the great wide open.

Tent Camping

Truly, this is the only real way to go camping.


Remember cramming into the Astro van and/or wood-paneled station wagon for a three hour trip just to get to the wilderness? When you found the Mom and Pop campground, you were lucky if it had a flushing toilet…or better yet, a pay-shower with a five-minute timer.

If you still camp the old fashioned way, Cordova’s 48 qt Adventurer and 88 qt Journey hard coolers are perfect for family fun in the woods or just a getaway with friends. They’re easy to pack and the cooler contents are accessible while on the road with Cordova’s top-loader latches. When pre-cooled, the Adventurer and Journey retain ice for days, keeping the hot dogs and potato salad fresh without having to pay extra for ice down at the camp store. Ten bucks for a bag of ice? C’mon!


Hiking 15 miles on rocky trails, through muddy streams and up steep switch-backs, seems like the most authentic way to camp when you’re 22. Most of us give up backpacking and camping out along the trail when we can afford SUVs and RVs to take us to the best spots. For those who refuse the modern camping comforts, like outhouses and the 12V outlet in the car, Cordova offers the Voyager Backpack Cooler.

Strike a deal with your hiking buddy that you’ll haul all of the heavy food and drinks while he carries the rest of the gear. Joke’s on him because the Voyager weighs less than five pounds and, with the ice and provisions, you’re only hauling about fifteen pounds total. At least offer to carry one of the sleeping pads to seem magnanimous.

Canoe Camping

More into an upper-body workout? Paddle it out in a canoe or kayak, just make sure you have a plan to get back to where you parked. Keeping your gear dry from one riverbank rest stop to the next is of paramount importance, which is why you should bring the 65L Seal Wet/Dry Duffel Bag. The Seal is made from highly durable nylon fabric and features a water-tight zipper that keeps the river out and your skivvies dry. Space is tight, so to keep your lunch cold, stow the 20 qt Sidekick hard cooler on board. The included shoulder strap makes it easy to lug your chow ashore for a waterfront picnic.

RV and Van Camping

Appreciating the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to rough it 24/7. The RV or the adventure van makes a great base camp and takes you to more places in a shorter amount of time. Your rig probably has some cooling capacity, so make sure to equip a cooler that’s ready to travel. The 28 qt Companion hard cooler and the Traveler Day Pack soft cooler fit in compact spaces and they are perfectly portable while finding that ideal spot by the lake.


An outdoor life of luxury demands a cooler with style. Cordova’s custom wraps and assortment of colors are designed to impress. From drinkware, to backpacks, to hard coolers, make your gear stand out using the online customization tool. Throw a glamping party that they won’t soon forget with cool swag and even cooler personalized wine tumblers. For an especially legendary experience, the 128 qt Excursion is built for a whole weekend of entertaining. Chill a case of rose, fruit platters, along with charcuterie and cheese plates of your choice.

However you commune with nature, Cordova does camping the right way every time. Before setting out for your next adventure, follow these cooler pro-tips to get the most out of your premium, American-made cooling powerhouse. Make sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram and share your experiences with us in the great outdoors. Even if it’s a crazy fish story or a sasquatch sighting, we’d love to hear about it!

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