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Fall Trips and Camping Cooler Tips

Let’s go camping. These early autumn days just make you want to stay outside a little longer and build a campfire. Roasting up some brats over an open flame while sipping on a pumpkin beer, watching the sun gently set beneath the treeline…hoo boy, are you there? That place is somewhere in the heart of Cordova Country. You’re going to need a great camping cooler and Cordova’s Basecamp Class™ coolers can help get you there.

The Basecamp Class has a lot of options and accessories to consider before heading on out to your next outdoor overnighter. Think about how you recreate and refresh then choose the gear that’s right for you. To give you hand, let’s break it down five ways:

  • Number of happy campers: are you going solo or reuniting with some old friends?
  • Length of stay: how many days do you want to totally unplug out there?
  • What kind of camping do you like to do: are you a rustic tent-camper or a luxe glamper?
  • Where do you want your basecamp? On the beach or up a mountain?
  • What’s on the menu? Just the basics or dining al fresco with flair?

Have a clearer picture in your head? Do you have an idea of how many brews you need to pack? Awesome!

A 28 qt Basecamp hard cooler is great for a solo weekend trip of beer and brats in the backcountry. An extended weekend of outdoor adventure with some buddies from your former unit probably requires at least 88 qts and a few glacial ice packs to reinforce the ice retention. That team-building company retreat could use a few 48 qts or 88 qts with detachable cooler dollies and traction pads to ease logistics and maximize comfort.

No matter what kind of camping trip you take, there’s at least one–even if it’s you– in your group who dabbles in the culinary arts. For the master chefs of the great outdoors, Cordova offers cutting boards that double as dividers along with wire baskets to keep the meat separate from the produce. Basecamp cooler lids have a raised lip, where you can place the cutting board, to avoid slippage while chopping. From practical preparation to organization, they’re going to love these mobile, insulated kitchens. Yeah, we’ve gone camping with these people, we’re totally prepared.

Probably the biggest factor in any hard cooler selection decision is ice retention. Volume, in terms of cooler space and the amount you pack into it, is related and affects how your gear keeps its cool. If you do this right, you can have ice and cold drinks at the end of a week’s worth of outdoor adventure. No joke.

Cordova’s hard coolers feature quality rotomold construction and ecofoam insulation, which sets you up for maximum chill capability. All you have to do is pre-chill it in your freezer chest and make sure you fill your cooler with a 2:1 ice ratio. In other words, fill it with at least twice as much ice as the total volume of your provisions. Even if you pack milk, eggs, and camembert cheese, they’ll still be tasting fresh days later.

No matter how you enjoy the great outdoors, or for how long, Cordova has a camping cooler for you. Given its expert craftsmanship and performance, you can plan on having cooler adventures for a lifetime. But for now, just take some time and go exploring this fall in the fresh, clean air then work up an appetite for those brats and brews at the end of a perfect autumn day.

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