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Cordova vs RTIC - Where is your money better spent?

My dad grew up on a farm in rural Kansas during WWII. The depression ended when he was a baby, but the post-war boom took a while to make its way to the banks of Chicken Creek in northern Lyon County. His childhood home still lacked indoor plumbing when it burned down in the ‘70s.

He, to put it politely, does not spend money frivolously. Putting a finer point on it, he is a master at making do or going without. He would think a Cordova vs RTIC blog about which brand of premium cooler is superior on which technical points a worthless read and that the battered blow-molded Coleman he’s been using since before rotomolded coolers existed will continue to do just fine, thank you. Or, he would have, until I gifted him a personalized Cordova 48-qt Yellowstone cooler with a custom Sunflower wrap (the Kansas state flower) designed by his granddaughter. Now, he gets it.

So it goes, we live and learn and progress. The status quo is for suckers, and he is now a cooler connoisseur. In the spirit of lifelong education, I offer a few points of hard cooler comparison when it comes to Cordova vs RTIC coolers.

Cordova vs RTIC Cooler Comparison

  1.  Place of Origin:
    1. Cordova Basecamp Class™: Made responsibly in the United States of America. Specifically, Idaho’s Treasure Valley.
    2. RTIC: “RTIC products are made in China…overseas manufacturing is a cost-effective way for retailers to provide an affordable product to its customers.”
  2. Sizes available:
    1. Cordova Basecamp Class: Five: 20 qt, 28 qt, 48 qt, 88 qt, 128 qt.
    2. RTIC: “Currently only offering the RTIC 20, RTIC 45 & RTIC 65.”
  3. Colors:
    1. Cordova Basecamp Class: Seven colorways, including our just-launched Obsidian recycled cooler, made from 100% recycled resin, with special edition and custom wraps available, like our Yellowstone Sunflower – the same material used to wrap vehicles. All products ship directly from our manufacturing facility in Idaho.
    2. White. Some tan.
  4. Warranty:
    1. Cordova Basecamp Class: Five years.
    2. RTIC: One year.
  5. Features:
    1. Cordova Basecamp Class: Patented features include anodized aluminum handles and integrated Lid Lock™. Top Loader Latches™ make accessing provisions easier than standard pull-down latches.
    2. RTIC: No such distinguishing characteristics.

Another purchasing consideration is the difference between price and value. My dad is partial to estate sales and auctions because things are often cheap there. He called once for a ride home after buying a truck at one. It was cheap, but it didn’t run. Not a great value. The consideration is often academic if the price of the product with the greater value is too high.

We’d all love to drive Cadillacs but Chevrolets cost less. However, with prices so comparable when it comes to Cordova vs RTIC, the relative value of Cordova weighs in heavily. It’s clear to us on Team Cordova that your money is better spent on our products. We make them ourselves, they’re beautiful, and we stand behind them. It's not just RTIC, our coolers also put Yeti on ice.

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