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Cordova, AK Businesses Form Cool New Partnership with Cordova Outdoors

Ace Hardware and Viking Marine Exclusively Offering Cordova Coolers

Cordova Outdoors proudly supports American manufacturing and buying local. Heck, the handles on its line of premium hard coolers are sourced from the metal fabricator down the street from its Nampa, ID facility. From parts to suppliers, Cordova is excited to work with local businesses that share its values, especially those that serve the good people in Southcentral Alaska. Cordova Outdoors is proud to partner with Ace Hardware and Viking Marine in Cordova, AK; where it all started.

Ace is the quintessential neighborhood hardware store. Although it’s a national brand, each Ace hardware store is independently owned and operated. David and Bootslyn Roemhildt own the Ace Hardware on Water St. in downtown Cordova, AK. They also recently opened Viking Marine down by the town’s marina, which is just a quick seven-minute walk away. Both locally-operated stores carry gear that Cordova’s citizens and visitors need to get the most out of the great outdoors.

In a recent Cordova Times interview, Viking Marine manager Mikie McHone relayed that their “products and services are vetted with extreme prejudice by the environments in which they are called to perform.” Commercial fishing in Alaska is no joke and Cordova Outdoors was born and bred in this industry. McHone exclusively stocks Cordova’s hard coolers because they are built to withstand extreme conditions and wild swings in the weather. Store Manager Chris Blanchette over at Ace Hardware is also all-in on Cordova. Townsfolk and tourists alike need quality, reliable gear to explore Cordova’s vast wilderness and intricate waterways.

Not for nothing, Cordova’s larger hard coolers, the 88 qt Journey and 128 qt Excursion, are built for commercial and recreational fishing. The EcoFoam-insulation keeps the catch fresh throughout the trip and the rotomold construction protects it on a bustling deck. The Anti-Slip Goat Feet prevent sliding on slippery surfaces. Those Idaho-made handles mentioned earlier are stamped, anodized aluminum, resistant to corrosion and can really take a beating. The lid can be locked in the open position, which is a godsend on deck, especially when the seas start getting heavy.

Cordova Outdoors honors its Alaskan heritage and is humbled to partner with hard-working business owners that value American craftsmanship. All who come to visit and start their next outdoor adventure should gear up at Cordova’s own Ace Hardware and Viking Marine. Whether you need a durable stainless steel water bottle, a handy backpack cooler, or a trusty cooling companion, they have you covered all year round no matter where the journey takes you.

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