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Coolers with Wheels: Combining Protection with Mobility

It’s an age-old dilemma: How to best blend protection and mobility. A main battle tank offers exceptional protection but is impractical as a commuter. A scooter is a great option for short trips on sunny days, but less fun in stormy weather.

The same dilemma applies to coolers with wheels - what is the right balance of form and function? Is it worth giving up storage space in order to have a cooler that rolls? How far off the beaten path do people want to take a cooler that can weigh a hundred pounds fully loaded?

Meet our solution: Cordova Outdoors’ detachable Cooler Dolly is, in our humble opinion, an ingenious balance of design and durability in the category of a cooler with wheels. Made of powder-coated steel and designed to fit both our 48 qt coolers and 88 qt hard coolers, the dolly attaches to the handle and feet in about a minute, and allows for easy transport across parking lots, campgrounds, and trails.

With our distinctive Chugach Mountain silhouette to help guide alignment (again, form and function working together), a hand-tighten knob for the handle and adjustable Limpet Feet to cling to the cooler’s Goat Feet, it transforms any 48 qt or 88 qt Backcountry Class hard cooler into a cooler with wheels with minimal effort, providing maximum flexibility.

See our coolers with wheels in action

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