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Add Wheels to Your Cooler With Our New Basecamp Class™ Cooler Dolly

Heads up, new gear is here! Easily add wheels for your cooler with our detachable cooler dolly that can be adjusted to fit Cordova’s 48, 88, and 128 qt Basecamp Class™ hard coolers! One set of wheels for all three sizes. How cool is that?

Cooler with Wheels

What you get when you take it for a spin:

  • Sturdy, powder-coated steel cage with 12-in. wheels ready to take on any terrain
  • Assembles in three simple steps
  • Mounts securely on the cooler’s Goat Feet™ and handle
  • Sleek design that won’t eat up trunk space and no straps required

Just grab the opposite handle and off you go. If you want to save space or need your cooler to stay put, just pop off the wheels and leave the cage attached. With an adjustable axle and handle plate, the Basecamp Class™ Cooler Dolly is the most adaptable cooler transportation system ever designed. Get out and get moving no matter where your cooler adventures take you. 

New Cooler Dolly Coming Soon

We're currently updating the design of our cooler dolly - subscribe below for more info!   

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