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Choosing the right outdoor cooler for your next adventure

It’s an old cliché in outdoor adventuring that there’s no such thing as bad conditions if you put in the prep work and have the right gear. Surfing in cold water? Wetsuit that fits well – good stretch in the shoulders. Bluebird ski day? Soft shell, darker lens for the goggles, and don’t overdress. Blazing desert sun? Sunglasses, lightweight hoodie & hydration. You get it.

When it comes to keeping provisions fresh in any and all conditions for as long as you’re gonna be out, choosing the right outdoor cooler is crucial. Cordova Outdoors makes it easy with three Classes of outdoor coolers.

  • Staying put and maintaining supplies for a basecamp? Our Basecamp Class hard coolers are the gear of choice. Also awesome for plenty of other uses like an all-day tailgate or bringing home a harvest.
  • Headed into the backcountry? Our Backcountry Class soft coolers are lightweight and built for mobility with a Backpack and Daypack model – both equipped with shoulder straps.
  • Going out on the boat or side by side until the sun goes down or the gas is gone – whichever comes last? Our Outbound Class combines mobility with the durability of a rotationally molded outdoor cooler. Drop it in a seat well, strap it on a rack, and head out.

We’ve put in the prep work to design, build, test and refine the right outdoor cooler no matter your activity. Trust our gear to do what you expect and need it to do when you head out – whether it’s to the backyard, the backwoods, or the back of beyond.

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