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30 oz to Freedom

“Stay hydrated.” You’ve heard this hundreds of times, whether playing sports or hiking the trail. Shoot, if you’ve done anything remotely resembling exercise in the hot sun, you’ve been reminded of this more than once. By now, it’s second nature but how you stay hydrated is also important. Carrying enough with you, minimizing waste, and maximizing quality are all factors worth considering when choosing the right tumbler and water bottle for your next excursion into the wild. Let’s roll out the big guns with the 30 oz Tumbler and the 64 oz Water Bottle. “Stay hydrated!” Yeah, we got this.

The 30 oz Tumbler is a must have at the campsite, the lodge, or in the car during the trip there and back. Pour half of a pot of coffee in it in the morning and it will still be warm when you get to your destination. That’s because the tumbler features double steel wall construction and comes with a clear, no-spill lid. Hot or cold, it’s going to stay that way for hours.

The 64 oz Water Bottle is built the same way except the lid screws on securely and seals the contents in with a rubber gasket. Store ice water overnight and it will remain just as cool and refreshing the next day. Who wants a swig of warm, tepid water first thing in the morning?

That’s right, no one does.

Fresh, clean beverages in the great outdoors make happy campers. Reducing waste and having reliable gear with you for decades make absolutely euphoric campers. Plastic water bottles, along with those cheap water bottles they give you in swag bags, aren’t built to last and end up in the landfill or worse, in our beautiful natural spaces. Keep water in them long enough and you’re tasting that bottle for the rest of the day. Gross. Cordova’s tumblers and water bottles are built to last throughout your journey and beyond.

Quality, durability, longevity. You can’t go wrong with the 30 oz Tumbler and the 64 oz Water Bottle. They look pretty slick too. The tumbler comes in 16 colors and choose from 7 colors for the water bottle. You can even customize the container with engraved or UV printed text. Upload an image with the “Customize It” button to really put your stamp on it.

After upgrading to Cordova drinkware, do you think you’ll ever go back to plastic water bottles? I know that I’m not going back, ohhh not going back. Just 30 oz to freedom from waste and mediocre gear. If you get the references here, we can definitely be friends! May your next nature adventure be truly sublime.

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