Gift Shopping for Your Outdoorsman (Or Woman)

Dec 26th 2019

Gift Shopping for Your Outdoorsman (Or Woman)

Gift Shopping for Your Outdoorsman (Or Woman)

The holidays tend to introduce some frustration and anxiety because finding the perfect gift can be an exhausting process. For those interested in the great outdoors, it can be even harder to find things that are both useful and necessary for future trips. Pair those two challenges together and you have quite the task laid ahead. But this year, we have tried to simplify that search for you with a comprehensive list for any outdoorsman or outdoorswoman.

Universal Gifts

  1. Blankets
    Whether your loved one is out and about in the winter or summer, the night tends to bring on a chill that just can’t be beaten without a little something extra to cuddle up with. Flannel, fleece, and wool throws are all great additions for around the campfire and in your sleeping bag. Gear Hungry and The Dyrt even listed their take on the best outdoor blankets of 2019.
  2. Waterproof Speakers
    Often, we substitute the bustle of urban life for some peace and quiet in the outdoors. But sometimes, that solitude can be overwhelming as well. Finding a durable, waterproof, Bluetooth speaker can give you and your loved ones a little more familiarity as you experience nature. Whether the speaker is packed in as a podcast companion for a hike, hung it from a branch for some campfire sing-along, or just quiet musings to lull you to sleep, speakers can add extra life to your outdoor excursion.
  3. Coolers
    Coolers are one of the most underrated gifts in terms of utility. They are quite literally the lifeline for every outdoor adventurer because it keeps food fresh, keeps drinks chilled, and ultimately keeps you out in the open air for longer. Think about what your loved does most and consider whether a soft cooler or hard cooler would suit their needs best.
  4. Drinkware
    Cooling drinkware is a great way to take care of nature while you enjoy it. Instead of purchasing for when they are on the go.
  5. Subscription Box
    Subscription boxes aren’t just for makeup and shaving clothes anymore. Now, there are subscription services providing new outdoor products and knick-knacks. This can be a great way to take the guesswork out of selecting something you’re outdoors fanatic might not like. They are sure to find something worthwhile in an outdoors subscription box. Plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving… or at least, keeps on giving for a few months.

Gifts by Activity

For Hikers:

  • Collapsible Stool
  • Survival Grenade
  • Koozie or Insulated Bottle
  • Dehydrated Food Pack

For Campers:

  • Hiking boots
  • Wool socks
  • Cookware
  • Inflatable Couch
  • Rain-proof Tent

For Hunters and Fishers:

For Climbers:

  • Indoor facility memberships
  • New or variably sized carabiners
  • Climbing chalk
  • Solar chargers for devices
  • Training/strengthening fingerboards

Shop Smarter, Not Harder

The holiday season does not need to be riddled with hour-long trips to crowded malls or outlets. Many of these top tier gifts can be bought, shipped, and even sometimes wrapped from online providers. And often, the online sales are even better than the pre-holiday discounts found in-store. But be sure to get your shopping done early so you can get to enjoying those toys for some weekend excursions in the wild as soon as possible!