Journey (88Q) Sandstone Granite Cooler

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With its Anti-Slip Goat's Feet™, you can throw this cooler in the back of the truck and be confident it will not slide around for those 3 Day hunting and Fishing excursions. Our patented anodized aluminum handles and integrated bottle openers will make sure you are the spotlight of every party. Our Top Loader latches ensure whatever you have packed around your cooler, you will be able to easily access your ice cold beverage. No matter which size of Cordova Cooler you choose, rest assured that our IGBC Certified Bear-Resistant lock system will keep any bear in the wild from drinking your ice cold beer and eating your ham sandwich. Every Cordova Cooler comes with a lid lock system to help stay open while you are getting your food and beverage out. Your cooler will come Standard Cyclone Delrin drain plug that will be sure not to break or leak like others out there. What makes a Cordova Cooler Different? The foam used in all Cordova hard coolers is the industry standard state of the art foam with a high R value and no impact on the environment. From design to the finished product, we are proud to be able to say our Hard sided coolers are made in the USA.  We are creating jobs for America and feel that our quality is superior to other coolers on the market today. Sure, you can find a cheap imported rotational molding coolers, but when you are buying a Cordova Cooler, you are supporting American Manufacturing and American Families.


CORDOVA LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY Cordova LLC dba Cordova Coolers warranty the Cordova Coolers Hard Sided Coolers to be free from manufactures defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for a lifetime from the date of original purchase. WARRANTIES MUST BE REGISTERED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE TO BE EFFECTIVE. For custom coolers the wrap/logo is not covered under the warranty terms. This is your exclusive warranty and there are no additional warranties that extend beyond the description warranty here. If warranty applies, Cordova Coolers shall either repair the product or component or provide you with a replacement product or component if proven to be defective under the terms of this warranty within the lifetime of the original purchaser. The warranty is NOT transferrable. Owners must present original proof of purchase from an Authorized Cordova Cooler dealer to obtain warranty service. Dealers, Service Centers or Retail Stores do not have the right to change the terms and conditions of the warranty. This warranty is not valid if the product or components have been: (1) used commercially (2) damaged through abuse, misuse or neglect, (3) damaged in accident (4) unreasonably used for any purpose for which it was not intended (5) repaired or altered in any way from its original configuration, (6) damaged due to any act of nature (7) purchased as a blemished cooler. Normal wear and tear, including dents, slight warping, scratches, discoloration, fading, non-sticking graphics or wear to skid pads is not covered under warranty. Loss of parts or components removed from the product is not covered under the terms of this warranty. Cordova Coolers is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage resulting from any malfunction. Cordova Coolers reserves the right to change products and designs without incurring any obligations to incorporate such changes into already completed products, or those in the possession of dealers or consumers. Coolers repaired or replaced under this warranty may or may not incorporate these changes. Repaired or replaced coolers will be same size and color as defective cooler. Please carefully review the care instruction manual for proper use and care of your Cordova Cooler. Damaged products must be returned directly to Cordova Coolers in its original box or adequate packaging, freight prepaid at customer's expense. Please include a copy of original sales receipt, the Return Authorization Number (RGA) and a description of the issue with the product. To obtain a Return Authorization Number, or to activate your warranty, visit our website at LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY HIGHLIGHTS Please Read Though Entire Warranty Policy before Filing a Claim Warranties must be registered within 30 days of purchase Returned cooler freight is to be prepaid at customer's expense To activate your warranty or obtain a return authorization number, visit Warranty claims will either be repaired or replaced at Cordova Coolers discretion upon receipt of returned product Warranty Claims are not valid if Cooler is not registered according to our policy Cordova Coolers is only responsible for product repair and replacement, cash refunds will not be given.
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Proudly Made and Crafted in Idaho, USA


  • 4
    Journey 88qt cooler

    Posted by Fletcher Wagner on May 25th 2020

    So far so good. one camping trip down and no problems, performed great still have a 20 pound bag of ice and I started with 2. Used most of the 2nd one for drinks.

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    Happy so far!

    Posted by Christopher Sulkey on May 6th 2020

    I complete much research and watched many YouTube videos prior to purchase on many different brands. I had my mind on a different brand until I came across cordovaoutdoors coolers. i research cordova coolers as much as i could find. determing, I really only need a cooler to hold items cold to frozen for 4 days max . Longer is great but not necessary. Mostly for 4 h weekends and weekend fishing trips. I think just about of the rotomolded coolers fit that requirment. What finally sold me was the price, no rope handles and color options. So I pulled the trigger with cordova. I recieved my 88 at in the sandstone cooler on may 04th. After opening the box and unwrapping the cooler, I was pleased with what I had in front of me. Everything the reviews said were true. First was the color. There were many different color options, not just the typical tan or white. That was a challenge itself. Next was how easy I could lift it empty. Obviously full with require two people but empty it's nice to not struggle. The goats feet old very well. The lid holds open as stated. Handles are well built and feel solid in the hand. One future concern I have is the foam on the handles. I'm wondering how well this will hold up over time. Due to usage and weatherization? This would be my only con, as the foam doesn't seem heavy duty enough Time will tell.. I love the ridge on the lid for preventing slippage. Mine came with a divider, which I can see keeping items separate. Great idea... the bottles openers on the handles seem solid, though I can see one scratching themselves if not careful. The gasket does make that fridge door closing sound. Auditoraly, its sounds cool. Time will tell how it will hold up. The drain plug is a solid construction. Instructions on use are clear and considered. Overall construction is APlus. Now, it's been in the 30s, here in New York and I haven't ice tested it yet. Probably wont be for a month or so until the temps raise before I do so. At that time I will check for drain plug leakage as well. To which I will update this review. To this point, i am excited and cant wait to test this. If I can get 3 to 4 days of solid retention. I'll be a happy man..

  • 5
    Journey (88Q) Sandstone Granite Cooler

    Posted by Craig Hammett on Feb 26th 2020

    High quality! Fits all my needs for my fishing trips. I really like the handles and tight fitting lid.