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The great outdoors awaits! Unfortunately, the great outdoors does not inherently provide some of the necessities that we need in this modern age. As much as going ‘off the grid’ might tempt us, our appetite for a chilled beverage never disappears.  On the bright side, there are alternatives for this kind of dilemma. Instead of worrying about whether or not your food will save overnight for breakfast or lunch, storing and chilling food and drinks in one of the many Cordova cooling options keeps things on ice for an average of five days. 

No double-checking to see if things are still cold. No pressure to stop for more ice. Just a simple, reliable cooler made for just that: cooling.

Commitment to Excellence

However, none of this was by chance. We take pride in the work that we do. Every product is designed, produced, and delivered with not only the best intentional but a positive impact. We dedicate serious time and energy into providing unmatched service not only by our products but by our brand guarantee. All of our products can be registered and protected through our warranty program, ranging from three years to lifetime guarantees.

Cooler Features

That said, we never want our Cordova family to feel unsure of our products. We have adapted and even patented innovative features so that even simple trips can transcend into epic adventures. As a part of this offering, our camping coolers maintain the following features: 

  • Rotational Molding for the sturdiest cooler on the market
  • Top Mount Latches to fasten your cooler shut with convenience
  • Anti-Slip Goat Feet because when you’re on the move, your cooler shouldn’t be
  • Quad Core Rubber Gasket Lining

to secure and insulate your cooler with maximum efficiency

Rotational Molding
Built-in Bottle Openers
Top Latch
Cordova Lifetime Warranty
Goat's feet
Cordova Drain Plug
Cordova Gasket Seal
Cordova Coolers - Bear Resistant Certified

Cooler For Every Condition

Much like time, the open road waits for no man or woman. Getting out to explore the sights and sounds on your next camping or road trip should be a breeze. For the ultimate travel adventure, rely on Cordova’s broad spectrum offering to get the best camping cooler for you.

There are a range of options available to select from. For longer expeditions or larger vehicles, a more substantial hard cooler like the Cordova 125 may better satisfy your needs for food and drinks. For weekend getaways or overnight trips, our best car camping coolers will give you the condensed and portable offering you’ve been searching for with the Cordova 25 or the Cordova 35

That said, sometimes we just need a break from the daily grind with a quick day trip into nature at the beach, in the desert, through the wilderness, or even on the lake. This is where our most compact, soft coolers will keep you resting easy without fearing that direct sunlight or heat will melt away your treats for relaxation.

Comfort on the Road

We have taken the time to ensure that all of our camping coolers are suited toward the varying degrees of utility. Whether you need an RV cooler, car camping cooler, or hiking cooler, we’ve got you covered with options that are built to surpass expectations.

Coolers That are Just as Adventerous as You

Take These Cooler with You Anywhere

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