Hydro Jug 5 Gallon



Proudly made in the USA, our 5 Gallon Hydro Jug is built stronger, and keeps water ice cold four times longer than traditional water jugs.

-Rugged octagonal design
-Keeps water ice cold 4x longer
-Insulated hinged lid
-3 Year Warranty
-Strongest handle on the market
-Replaceable latches

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Water is an essential nutrient for our bodies, and we are made up 60% of it.  It aids us in functioning at optimal performance levels by regulating our body temperature.   Your body is always working to try and maintain its core temperature.  Workers must be extremely careful when working in extreme conditions. The recommended amount of water is one quart per hour of activity.

Working in a hot environment can present a number of hazards to workers far beyond discomfort.  To prevent heat related issues, it is recommended to drink cool, fresh water throughout the day.  How do you keep your water cool in those extreme environments?  That’s why we designed the Hydro Jug.  Fill it with ice and a water source and it will stay cool all throughout the day.  No returning trips to the store in the middle of the shift to reload it with ice.  In turn keeping your employees rehydrated with cool water and saving money by no more wasted trips to the convenience store.

25″ Height

14 Pounds

Hydro Jug Colors

Gray Hydro Jug, Orange Hydro Jug


Nampa, Idaho, USA


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