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The largest cooler in the Cordova Family and proudly made in the USA, Cordova’s XLarge size and rugged look is capable of going on any adventure. The Cordova XLarge Cooler is unlike all rotational molded coolers on the market today. The XLarge Cooler is ideal for big game hunting, rafting and deep sea fishing.

128 quarts – 120 cans (2:1 ice to contents ratio)
Inside: 37.88″ x 14″ x 14.75″ / Outside: 46″ x 19.63″ x 19.75″
45 lbs

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If you are going down the Colorado River rafting for 14 Days, you are going to need to keep your food and beverages cold. The XL size is the ideal cooler for your trip. With its Anti-Slip Goat’s Feet™, you can throw this cooler in the back of the truck and be confident it will not slide around for your offroad excursions. Our patented anodized aluminum handles and integrated bottle openers will make sure you are the spotlight of every party. Our Top Loader latches ensure whatever you have packed around your cooler, you will be able to easily access your ice cold beverage. No matter which size of Cordova Cooler you choose, rest assured that our IGBC Certified Bear-Resistant lock system will keep any bear in the wild from drinking your ice cold beer and eating your ham sandwich. Every Cordova Cooler comes with a lid lock system to help stay open while you are getting your food and beverage out. Your cooler will come Standard Cyclone Delrin drain plug that will be sure not to break or leak like others out there.

What makes a Cordova Cooler™ different? The foam used in all Cordova hard coolers is the industry standard state of the art foam with a high R value and no impact on the environment. The Industry leading TriLock™ prevents the warm air from spoiling your ice, it is unlike any other gasket system on the market today. From design to the finished product, we are proud to be able to say our Hard sided coolers are made in the USA.  We are creating jobs for America and feel that our quality is superior to other coolers on the market today. Sure, you can find a cheap imported rotational molding coolers, but when you are buying a Cordova Cooler, you are supporting American Manufacturing and American Families.

Weight49 lbs
Dimensions46 × 19.6 × 19.75 in
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Aqua, Gray, Orange, Sand, Sandstone Granite, White


Nampa, Idaho, USA

3 reviews for Cordova Excursion Cooler

  1. David Mutters

    Excellent USA build quality. The walls are not as thick as competition but the insulation must be better because it keeps ice longer than my friend’s grizzly and yeti. The gasket is a compression type which ensures an excellent seal. You can hear the air rush in/out when the lid is opened and closed. I love having the delrin quality drain plugs on both ends of the cooler. Plus the plugs only have to be unscrewed partially to drain (prevent losing the plug or having it fly away). Having the lid latches going upwards is much better than competitor’s downward design. My buddy has to move his cooler away from the side of his truck or trailer to reach down and unlock his latches. I can open mine without having to move the cooler. The handles are excellent quality and the built-in handles are a nice-to-have if you don’t have enough clearance on the ends. Overall, I am very satisfied with this cooler and recommend to everyone! My friends with the grizzly and yeti’s said if they did it again, they would go with Cordova’s. Built in the USA and a lifetime warranty. Can’t beat that.

  2. Robert Burbank

    BUILT IN THE USA! I love the construction of this cooler, durable and well thought out for access. Aluminum handles that lock in place to lift the cooler will not crush your hand, however they will fold down and out of the way for storage or transporting the cooler. Super convenient having the latches designed to lock on the lid (upward design) as opposed to locking on the cooler wall (downward design). 1- While packed in a full pickup bed you still have access to opening the lid. Also they don’t get in the way when trying to close the cooler. 2 – Lid has a built in lid stop to keep it from slamming on your hand while getting into the cooler.
    Yes it holds Ice for multiple days. Took it on a spring bear hunt 8 days in Northern Idaho, temps during the day were average 85 F, average at night high 40’s (not crazy hot). I only used chunk ice, not blocks and my cooler was the only one with chunk ice left (competitors were, Yetti, and Cabala’s). I have sense used it on several 4 day weekend camping trips with my family and having the dividers are handy to separate foods from drinks. (Can’t wait for baskets to help keep certain food items from sitting in ice). I am very satisfied with this cooler and have had 2 other friends buy one sense seeing/using mine. I will be purchasing 2 more coolers in the smaller sizes.

  3. RS (verified owner)

    Great cooler. I’ll be buying several more soon. Love the fact the handles are upside down, so they dont get smashed in the lid everytime. that is genius!!

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