Born in the Alaskan wilderness
Developed to meet the needs of commercial deep sea fishermen, the Cordova Story is one of enduring, even flourishing, in harsh conditions. Cordova, Alaska is a small town inaccessible by road, where the Copper River Delta meets Prince William Sound, hard against the Chugach Mountains. It is a place where life is tied to nature, and particularly to fishing. This place, its spirit and determination, the importance of self-reliance and surviving in grueling environments is what our products are meant to embody.
Good people making great coolers
The Cordova team is headed by a former Navy SEAL and a backcountry pilot. Our premium coolers are crafted with skill and care by our team of artisans plying their trade at our facility in Idaho. Cordova’s products are made to last a lifetime by people who understand what it’s like to trust a livelihood, even a life, to equipment.
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Premium coolers made in the USA

Put us to the test
We love our products, sell them at great prices, and guarantee them for life. Adventure is waiting…