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Toughest Travel Bag on Land or Water

Do you have a reliable travel bag that can go with you on the road, over water, and through thorny thickets of desert scrubland? Most travel bags work perfectly well in dry, climate-controlled spaces but they can’t hack it outdoors once the road ends and the weather turns. For those of us who get out more often, the 65L Seal Watertight Duffel Bag is an essential piece of gear that’s ready to roll wherever the journey takes you.

Open Road

The best way to put the Seal through its paces is taking it on the open road. Strap it on the motorcycle or throw it in the back of the UTV. Whether you’re riding on the highway or plowing through a dirt trail, the Seal duffel bag protects your threads no matter what the road throws at you.

This travel bag for road warriors is made with 840D ballistic nylon. You want 420B nylon, just keep on moving, chief, this ain’t for you. Seriously though, this material is as tough as you can get outside of an active warzone. Lumberjacks use ballistic nylon to protect themselves from chainsaw injuries, so the Seal duffel bag can handle road shrapnel while keeping the dust and grime off of your pretty new henleys.

Open Water

After a productive morning shredding the foothills, it’s time to do some fishing and don’t forget to take your duffel bag. That same material effectively keeps the water out, which is why we added “Watertight” to the catchy description. The heavy-duty zipper may take some grip strength to close but nothing is getting in…or out for that matter. Too creepy? Just know that you can take this thing on a whitewater rafting trip and still have bone-dry undies to change into at the end of the day.

The secondary, wet compartment, is really what makes this the fisherman’s best friend. That’s right, the Seal is the ultimate wet/dry bag. Store your bait and a few ice packs in one area and keep your socks smelling fresh in the other. If you don’t have room for a cooler on your watercraft, the Seal is up to the task and will keep your catch fresh.

With plenty of storage space in two compartments, the 65L Seal Watertight Duffel Bag is designed for the spontaneous weekend adventurer. Friday afternoon is right around the corner, so just grab your stuff and go. Wherever you end up and however you get there, the Seal got it in the bag.

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