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The Steer Head Hard Cooler: Built for a Range of Family Fun

Cold, cold, cold on the range, where we go ropin’ and refreshin’ all daaayyy! Have ya’ll seen Cordova’s Steer Head Bundle yet?

The custom-wrapped hard cooler (available in the 48 and 88 qt sizes) is built for a ranching family’s way of life. The expertly rotomolded design and foam insulation keep drinks and provisions cold for days, even under a blazing sun without a shade tree in sight. Anti-slip Goat Feet keep the cooler still in the back of a pick-up and they raise the body of the cooler up from the burning hot bed. Top loader latches make contents accessible throughout the working day, even in a packed trailer. You can choose between the heifer and the bull designs.

Your cooling cow-colored companion comes with a durable, roping-tipped corriente head. It’s not just a conversation piece, it’s a real, functional roping dummy with a 24-in. horn spread that can be attached to the hard cooler body. Whether you need to brush up on your skills between cattle drives or want to impress your relations at the next cookout, this heavy-duty dummy is designed for roping on the go.

Both the Steer Head and the roping dummy are made by hard-working folks right here in the USA. You all know Cordova Outdoors makes their top notch hard coolers right here in Nampa, ID, where good people make great gear every day. Cordova is proud to partner with another American-made company, High Country Plastics, which is based in Caldwell, ID. HCP stands behind a range of quality products that are built to last and accommodate a rugged western lifestyle.

There’s nothing better than country living, especially when bringing in a herd and packing enough cold ones for everybody at the end of a hard day’s work. Cordova’s Steer Head hard cooler is up to the job and comes in at a surprising value. American-made, tough as hell, and good looking to boot...just like our customers out here in the big wide open.

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