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Statement of Fact: Cordova Outdoors Basecamp Class Coolers Are the Best Hard Coolers on the Market.

You: Cordova Outdoors Basecamp Class Coolers Are the Best Hard Coolers on the Market?

Us: Yup.

You: Why?

Us: No other hard cooler on the Market is:

  1. American Made 

2. Customizable

    3. Offers the performance and durability of Cordova’s hard coolers at a comparable price 

      You: Say more.

      Us: Happy to…


      Cordova Outdoors Basecamp Class Hard Coolers are manufactured from start to finish at our facility in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, just outside of Boise. (BOY-see, if you didn’t already know, the “S” is soft. Origin is French, referring to the wooded area trappers identified along what is now the Boise River.) The rotational molds that form our coolers were designed and built in Ohio. We use resin manufactured along the Gulf Coast for the cooler itself, fill the cooler hull and lid with Eco-Foam from the Midwest and attach components sourced from a variety of local, like-minded vendors. We are also happy to be a veteran-owned and operated small (but growing) business.

      Our production leadership team has amassed an impressive number of years of experience crafting and refining the Basecamp Class Cooler that we stake our reputation on. Our entire team understands that manufacturing products has an environmental impact. We believe that the best way to minimize our impact is to make products that don’t wear out easily, if ever. Our expectation is that a Cordova Basecamp Class Hard Cooler should be the last hard cooler you ever need to buy. And, eventually, an heirloom.

      Beyond that, there are several unique features we’re proud of that make our coolers the best hard coolers. A short list includes:

      • Top Loader Latches that allow access even when your cooler is packed tight up against your truck bed wall,
      • Anodized aluminum handles that can hold 1,000 lbs (LINK to Reel) and feature built-in bottle openers, and
      • A patented Lid Lock which holds the lid open while you retrieve whatever it is you opened the cooler to get.


      We’re proud of our ability to offer hard coolers that can be tailored to the bespoke specifications of our customers. (Who else does this? No one.) Whether you’re looking for 100, or 1,000 custom-Pantone colored coolers with a full custom-designed wrap of the lid and all sides to promote your own brand, or just want your name on the lid to make sure everyone knows the cool cooler is yours, Cordova has got you covered. We custom mix colorant and resin on-site and can match any color on the spectrum. For graphic application, we use latex ink with no VOC’s on the same durable vinyl used to wrap commercial vehicles and apply an overcoat to protect the design from fading and scuffing. 

      Custom hard cooler with a detailed Western cowboy theme


      Our simple definition of value is “bang for the buck”. What you get for what you spend. Cheap does not mean the same thing, especially if the item is of low quality. Are there cheaper hard coolers than ours on the market? Yes. Are there more expensive? Absolutely. Is there hard cooler on the Market that is a better value? No, there is not.

      The cheaper ones don’t perform as well and aren’t built to last as long. The more expensive ones don’t work better. In BOTH cases, most, INCLUDING the name brands on the cheap end of the spectrum like Igloo and Coleman on and YETI on the expensive side are NOT manufactured in America. Link to Where YETI coolers are made, I have a pic of box of the purple one we bought with Made in Philippines printed on it.

      There you have it. A point-by-point case laying out why Cordova Basecamp Class Hard Coolers are the best hard coolers available. Hit us up at if you’d like any more information. Subscribe to our mailing list for a 15% discount on your next order and please: take us with you when you go on your next adventure.

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