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Spring for a Better Outdoor Cooler

Spring can’t get here fast enough. I bet you just can’t wait to hit the road again to find a place in the wilderness to unplug and breathe in the clean, crisp air. In between day dreams about long weekends of hiking, fishing, and campfires, take stock of your gear and make sure you’re ready to enjoy the great outdoors as the nicer weather sets in.

Maybe that discount cooler with the missing handle and wonky lid needs to be replaced. C’mon now, admit it, it’s seen better days. Agreed? Well good, because Cordova Outdoors has the best outdoor coolers for your upcoming adventures. Best yet, they’re in stock and ready to ship today.

Hard Coolers for Camping

If it’s just the two of you getting away from it all, check out the 28 qt Companion. It can hold a six-pack, a few steaks, and some fresh fruits and veggies. It’s highly portable and doesn’t take up much space in the trunk. The Companion is built to provide a refreshing weekend getaway, just for you two lovebirds.

Packing up the family for some quality time in the woods? Try the 48 qt Adventurer on for size. Store a whole weekend’s worth of hot dogs, hamburgers, juice boxes, and those little yogurts that come in the tubes with this spacious, yet surprisingly compact cooler. Pick up a divider set to stay organized in there and, as a bonus, the dividers double as cutting boards to help you with meal prep time.

Whether you go with the 28 qt, 48 qt, or even the 88 qt, each Cordova hard cooler is made with care right here in the USA. They are engineered for maximum ice retention with impenetrable rotomold construction, efficient EcoFoam insulation, and tightly sealing lids. All hard coolers are also equipped with strong, aluminum handles that take a load off when getting to the campsite. When it’s time to cook, the Lid Lock™ system keeps the lid open and provisions accessible for as long as you need. Camping out is a big part of Cordova Country, so hard coolers are specifically designed to keep you refreshed and well-stocked throughout your trip.

A Soft Cooler for Hiking

The basecamp is all set with cold drinks and fresh chow but you can’t take it with you. Or can you? What if I told you Cordova made a lightweight cooler you strap on your back, which is made for hiking over rough terrain and across rivers? You’re entering the Refreshment Zone. Freaky but true.

The Voyager backpack cooler is the cooling solution for those of you who really want to get away from it all. Made from ballistic nylon and sealed with a watertight zipper, nothing is getting in or out of this lightweight cooling colossus. Heavy-duty and lightweight: a paradox that can only exist in the Twi–, I mean the Refreshment Zone.

Freaky or not, this spring is going to be cool. Start planning for open-air awesomeness and gear up now.

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