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Say Hello to Our New Heavy Duty Hiking & Camping Drinkware

Calling all outdoorsy explorers, trail trekkers, and camp crusaders! We've got some hot news that's sure to quench your thirst for adventure. Cordova is unleashing the ultimate drinkware lineup engineered for your wildest expeditions - the heavy-hitting, heavy-duty Trailhead Class.

These insulated tumblers, water bottles, and camp mugs were precision-designed with just one goal in mind: to be your unstoppable hydration companions on every thrilling outdoor quest. From scorching sunny hikes to frosty overnight campouts, the Trailhead Class stainless steel drinkware collection has got you covered like a warm puffy on a sub-zero summit day.

What makes this drinkware so darn expedition-worthy, you ask? 

We're talkin' maximum insulation power to keep your beverages piping hot or glacier-cold for hours upon hours of adventure time. Rugged stainless steel construction that's practically indestructible against drops, dents, and rocky romps. And leak-proof, spill-proof lids to prevent any drink disasters on the trails. These bad boys are true tankards of tough!

Why You Need Drinkware That Goes the Distance

Listen up, thrill-seekers! There are few bigger buzzkills than experiencing the symptoms of dehydration midway through your epic backcountry tour or feeling your morale crushed when you reach for a swig of cold refreshment only to find your drink has gone lousy and lukewarm. Talk about a travesty on the trails!

That's exactly why ensuring you've got heavy-duty, insulated drinkware is non-negotiable for any outdoor mission worth its trail mix. The Trailhead Class is engineered to keep you hydrated and refreshed from basecamp to summit and everywhere in between. These double-walled, vacuum-insulated containers lock in temperature so you can sip at your leisure. We're talking ice-cold waters for over 24 hours, and piping hot joe until you savor the very last drop 12 hours later.

Introducing the Dynamic New Trailhead Class Drinkware Lineup:

14oz Camp Mug: The Fireside MVP 

Whether you're greeting the morning with a hot cup of campfire joe or winding down with an evening cold one under the stars, this powder-coated insulated mug keeps your drinks perfectly heated or chilled no matter the campsite conditions. Plus, the spill-proof slider lid lets you take it anywhere.

20oz Tumbler: The No-Spill Adventurer

With double-walled insulation in a compact 20oz size, this insulated tumbler is your leak-proof, hike-ready buddy for deliciously hot or icy refreshers. No drink disasters on the trail here!

18oz Water Bottle: Hydration On-the-Go

Staying hydrated while hauling? This bottle's easy drink spout and portable carry loop make sipping water hassle-free when you're moving. The long-lasting water bottle insulation keeps your agua crispy fresh mile after mile.

32oz Water Bottle: The Wild Explorer's Canteen

When regular bottles just won't slake your thirst, reach for this heavy-duty 32oz vessel built for the heartiest of beverage connoisseurs and wilderness warriors. Its rugged powder coat declares your wild spirit!

It's time to Gear up!

It’s time to ditch those flimsy, lukewarm-drink-having containers and gear up for adventure with Cordova's unstoppable Trailhead Class drinkware lineup! This ultimate outdoor crew is ready to keep you hydrated, refreshed, and utterly unstoppable through every mountain trek, campout, and wild nature endeavor.

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