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Optimize Your Outdoor Adventures with Cordova Cooler Accessories: Curated Gear for the Modern Adventurer

When it comes to spending time in the great outdoors, having the right gear makes all the difference. An old maxim states that there’s “no such thing as bad conditions, when you have the right equipment” (and know how to use it). That's where Cordova Outdoors’ cooler accessories come in. Designed to enhance your cooler’s capabilities, Cordova offers a range of innovative accessories, allowing you to tailor your outdoor excursions as you see fit.

Pack Ice: Imagine cracking open a still-frosty cold drink after a long hike or a day fishing in the scorching sun. Cordova's Glacial Ice Packs keep your beverages and snacks chilled for an average of 40% longer than bagged cubed ice, extending your refreshment window for a day, or two, or...

Bottle Opener: Opening a bottle with your teeth is a great party trick, until it isn’t. With Cordova's built-in bottle openers, your grill never needs to be put at risk to crack open your favorite drink (those braces your parents paid for weren’t cheap!). Sturdy, redundant design ensures durability and accessibility, there are literally FOUR on our Basecamp Class cooler handles – one on each aluminum side plate of each handle.

Traction Pad: Cordova's SeaDek traction pads are custom cut to fit inside our raised lid trays and provide a non-slip surface allowing for stable footing in wet conditions (think standing or sitting on the cooler lid in a boat navigating choppy water). On the flipside, the EVA shock-absorbing material reflects heat rather than absorbing it, so your cooler lid stays cooler (pun intended), making it a comfortable perch even in direct summer sunlight.

Wire Basket: Organize Your Supplies with Cordova's wire basket. Whether you're separating apples from oranges, keeping crushable items above the fray, or just generally organizing your gear, this accessory, which sits just under the lid and is suspended at the top of the cooler cavity adds convenience and efficiency to your outdoor adventures.

Cooler Dividers: Sometimes you need to set boundaries, and Cordova's cooler dividers are here to help. Whether you want to keep Diet Coke and Coke Zero apart or separate beverages from snacks, this accessory allows you to segregate your cooler’s contents, maximizing organization and convenience. The dividers come in a set of two so that one can be removed for use as a cutting board while still maintaining the separation you bought the dividers for in the first place.

Cordova Outdoors is a veteran-owned and operated business where we take pride in designing, building, and offering outdoor gear designed to last a lifetime. We work hard to utilize resources responsibly and make what we can, including our Basecamp Class hard coolers, right in Idaho’s Treasure Valley. Our accessories are meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with our coolers and rigorously tested to withstand the rigors of outdoor life.

Don't settle for a mediocre outdoor experience. Elevate your adventures with Cordova Cooler accessories and enjoy the convenience, durability, and functionality they provide. The Cordova team understands the demands of outdoor enthusiasts like you, and that's why they can't live without these essential accessories. So gear up, get out there, and make every outdoor adventure truly unforgettable with Cordova Cooler accessories.

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