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  • Greater Cordova Country

Finding Balanced Living in Greater Cordova Country

Each Spring, a modest commercial fleet of around 500 boats cast off from Cordova’s harbor in search of the best catch in the world. The hardy salmon that return to the Copper River are carefully harvested according to a strict set of standards that preserve their freshness, unique flavor, and most importantly, their numbers. Cordova’s fishermen and its land-dwellers value delivering quality, sharing resources, living a balanced life, and building a sustainable future for generations yet to come.

Cordova Outdoors champions these principles and lives them every day, from the start of the manufacturing process to shipping out exceptional coolers that are built for a lifetime of adventure. Both Cordova Outdoors and Cordova, AK form the greater Cordova Country, which is more of a frame of mind than a definable geography.

It’s All About Stewardship

Regardless of your politics and persuasions, if you love the outdoors, you’re a conservationist at heart. Hunters, anglers, backpackers, skiers, and granola-crunching hipsters communing with nature all share a love of wide open spaces and want to see them preserved for the next generation. Responsible environmental stewardship is a core value that unites Cordova Country.

A huge part of conservation is reducing waste. Whether assembling a hard cooler in Idaho’s Treasure Valley or mending a fishing net in Cordova, Alaska, every effort is made to preserve precious resources. Functional coolers that don’t quite meet strict quality standards are almost given away to avoid filling up the landfill. Alaska Native creators and other artisans from Cordova retrieve salmon and fish skin that they tan and turn into jewelry. Beyond the environmental impact, conservation breeds the kind of resourcefulness and creativity that drives economic growth.

And You’re Doing Your Part with Every Order

Like-minded adventure seekers and connoisseurs also contribute to Cordova Country’s commercial success. Buying American and buying local are critically important to supporting and sustaining the hardworking folks that keep this country going. An order for Copper River Salmon or a 48 qt hard cooler has an immeasurable socio-economic effect throughout these local communities. You’re also guaranteed the unmatched quality and satisfaction that goes along with products that are truly made with pride.

The commitment to ecological balance doesn’t end where civilization begins. Town and business leaders in Cordova want visitors to come with an open mind, share a few stories (and maybe a few pints) at the Powder House, then pop in at the Net Loft and the Ilanka Cultural Center to see the latest collections. Add your unique value to the rich cultural and natural environment. In other words, be a giver, not a taker! They call this regenerative tourism and it applies as much to the great outdoors as it does to its inhabitants. Basically, leave the place in a better condition than you found it. A little bit of patience and respect can yield experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

Of Great Gear Made by Great People

Cordova Country is built on grit and determination. The folks that call Cordova home are about as rugged and resourceful as they come. Although separated by over 1,600 miles, the two halves of Cordova Country are united in purpose and vision. They’ve formed a culture of hard work, respect for nature, and enjoying life in balance. So, go out and explore to share their love for this beautifully untamed land. Just make sure you have the right gear for the journey.

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