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Cordova Outdoors’ Backcountry Class Lunchpack Single-Serving-Sized-Soft-Cooler Helps You Eat Healthy on the Move

Hectic schedules can lead to hasty food choices, we’ve all been there and felt the pull of the drive through or Grub Hub. Being busy can make keeping it healthy challenging. Whether you're grinding in the office, off the floor for a quick break, or hauling down the highway, the Backcountry Class Lunchpack Cooler will happily tag along and keep your fruits, veggies, sandwiches – whatever you’re packing – fresh and crisp. It's not just a lunch bag; it's a cheat code for when you’re sick of hitting the fast-food restaurants, the cafeteria or lunch trucks EVERY. DAY.

Insulated Excellence: Firsthand Experience: Edibles Stay Fresh, In the Air and Everywhere

For better or worse, I travel most weeks. My wife is often kind enough to send me off with leftover home-cooked meals when I go on the road. I trust those meals to my Lunchpack, and it has never let me down. Generally, transit time from home to destination is 4-6 hours. If I leave with the entrée frozen and sealed in the Lunchpack, it’s still frozen solid when I arrive. And when flying with my food, I’ve had more than one TSA official, not the easiest people on the planet to impress, compliment my kit. Any kind word at airport security is especially appreciated.

Design, Durability & Sustainability: Elevating the Packed Lunch Experience

The best way we’ve found to reduce waste and our environmental footprint is to make great gear that doesn’t wear out, while minimizing scrap and defects. It’s a never-ending quest to improve, but our Backcountry Class Lunchpack Cooler is designed and built to last for years and look good doing it. Welded seams and handle, rigid imprinted base, hard cell insulation all around, including the lid, and durable smooth-glide zippers on a Cordura nylon shell all come together in a tailored blend of form and function. It also cleans up super-easy. Just rinse it off inside and out with soapy water or wipe down with a bleach wipe, let it air dry and you’re good to go for the next time. We took our time with this mini-cooler – we felt like we owed it to those who would use it (we do, see previous paragraph 😊) to get it right. Buy it, use it, take care of it, pass it on.

Versatility Redefined: Perfect for Fruits and Vegetables

If you say you like vegetables, we’re skeptical. Fruit? Maybe. Vegetables – If French fries don’t count: seem suspicious, but appreciate the effort. There is merit to eating fresh produce and those foods taste better crisp. Chilled apples, carrots, celery, grapes, heck, whole salads (especially with bacon)... Just about anything grown on a tree or in the ground tastes better cold than lukewarm. On the OTHER hand, if you’re gonna cook it up and want to keep it hot – well that inch of insulation all around our Lunchpack works both ways. Fill your cooler with cold stuff, it stays cold. Fill it with hot food, it stays hot. Just don’t mix the two – no one will be happy.

Let Cordova’s Backcountry Class Lunchpack Cooler Support Your Pursuit of Excellence, or at Least Help You up Your Fresh Food Intake

On our lifelong health journeys, every choice counts. The Backcountry Class Lunchpack Cooler is just a lunch bag; BUT, it's also a tool for making healthier eating choices easier, no matter where life takes you. With its durable and portable design and superior insulation, the Lunchpack Cooler is a solid choice for people dedicated to nourishing their bodies with fresh, wholesome foods, no matter which way the day goes.

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