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Celebrate July 4th with American-Made Patriotic Coolers

When it comes to national holidays, the Fourth of July is in its own tier of greatness. This is the ultimate All-American holiday, coming as it does at the height of summertime, celebrating almost 250(!) years of this great shared experiment in government of the people, by the people, for the people. So for Fourth of July 2024, get out there and proudly fly a U.S. flag, fire up the grill, and go jump in a lake, river, ocean or pool and when you do so, be sure to grab your ice-cold drinks from the best-quality, best-designed patriotic coolers under the sun.

Celebrate Independence Day with Cordova Outdoors Coolers

Cordova Outdoors is proud to be an American Manufacturing Company; a small cog in the machinery of the largest national economy in the world. Beyond America’s free markets, which allow us to employ like-minded artisans with a strong independent streak to make gear we’re proud of, Cordova appreciates the advantages of global trade and an integrated world, but believes that quality is easiest to control when we’re the ones making our hard coolers right in our own manufacturing facility. When we make our coolers on-site, we know instantly whether there’s a quality control issue and can take immediate steps to correct the problem. No waiting on a factory overseas to start their workday just as ours is ending of for ships to cross oceans with containers of goods ordered months ago. Nothing gets lost in translation or transit.

Cordova Outdoors: Proudly American Made and Veteran-Owned

Cordova Outdoors is also veteran-owned company. Our President and Principal Owner spent his 20’s in the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Teams, deploying to the Balkans and the NAG (IYKYK), among other places people don’t typically vacation. Privileged to serve aboard CVNs, LPDs, CGs, SSNs, C-5s, MH-60s: talk about American manufacturing at its finest. No other country in the history of the world has built a floating airport that can stay at sea for 20 years (YEARS!). Let alone field eleven nuclear-powered aircraft carriers simultaneously. That’s the power of Freedom.

Additionally, more than one member of our in-house Customization Team - the folks who apply each custom cooler design (see below) by hand - took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of these United States and has earned veteran status. We’re proud to be active in our local community in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, providing jobs that pay a living wage to good people we enjoy working with who make great coolers.

The Ultimate Patriotic Cooler for Fourth of July Celebrations

We’re especially proud of our Original Cooler Collections, and in particular this Fourth of July, respectfully direct your attention to our Americana Cooler Collection. These Old Glory flag-inspired designs are printed on commercial-grade vinyl and laminated with a UV-blocking matte top layer to beautifully and durably evoke appreciation for this Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

There is no better time than the Fourth of July to break out America’s most Patriotic Cooler. Literally, that’s what Cordova’s Americana Collection Cooler is. Manufactured from start to finish in the United States, ALL of Cordova Outdoors’ Basecamp Class Hard Coolers, and ESPECIALLY our Americana Cooler Collection are a testament to home-grown craftsmanship and performance. The red white and blue flying overhead can rightfully choke a person up, especially when the National Anthem is playing (we see you, @StoneColdJones, and we love it!) - all give some and some have given all to make America what it is today. Hopefully seeing the symbol of America respectfully rendered on a product crafted here is a reminder of what’s worth defending and preserving.

Experience True American Craftsmanship with Cordova's Basecamp Class Hard Coolers

This Independence Day, we invite you to snag your favorite patriotic cooler style and join Cordova Outdoors in celebrating the Birthday of the World’s Oldest Democracy. Whether you fly the American flag from the rafters or keep it in your heart, we share your love of this great, imperfectly perfect experiment that is America.


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