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The Ultimate Ice Retention Test: 

When it comes to keeping things cool, Cordova's American-made hard coolers truly take the chill to a whole new level. These hard coolers are not your average ice boxes; they are the epitome of American craftsmanship and innovation. Made in the USA, Cordova coolers are built to withstand the toughest conditions while delivering unbeatable ice retention. Whether you're heading out for a weekend camping trip or hosting a backyard barbecue, Cordova coolers will keep your beverages ice-cold and your food fresh for days on end.

BUT, don’t take our word for it—Cordova Outdoors has been put to the ultimate test! Check out this awesome video by Ultimate Ice Retention Test on a Cordova Outdoors Cooler. is a dynamo platform with a big mission—to support America through in-depth research of the best USA-made products. Their goal is to promote a stronger economy, job market, and higher quality and safety standards in manufacturing. Find more American-made awesomeness courtesy of

So… Why is American-made important?

When it comes to picking out your trusty cooler companion, going for American-made isn't just a nod to Uncle Sam; it's a smart move for quality and sustainability. In the coolers game, Cordova Outdoors waves the red, white, and blue proudly, crafting heavy-duty hard coolers with top-notch materials and cutting-edge techniques for unbeatable performance. Opting for American-made means supporting local talent and ensuring your cooler can handle whatever adventure you throw its way. Plus, it's a win for Mother Earth too, cutting down on those pesky carbon emissions from long-haul shipping. So, next time you're shopping for a cooler, think about going the American route for a cooler that's as reliable as apple pie.

The long-term value of Cordova coolers extends beyond their superior ice retention and durability. By choosing an American-made product like Cordova, you're supporting local manufacturing and job creation. You're investing in a product that is made with pride and contributes to the growth of the American economy. With Cordova, you're not just buying a cooler; you're making a statement about your values and commitment to quality.

Cordova’s Secret to Superior Ice Retention:

You heard yourselves, folks, Cordova Coolers are not only American-made but they live up to the hype of extreme performance, at 7 to 10 days of ice retention. One of the standout features of Cordova hard coolers is their roto-molded (aka rotational molded) construction. This manufacturing process involves creating a seamless, one-piece cooler by rotating heated plastic in a mold. The result is a rugged, durable cooler that is capable of withstanding the harshest environments. The roto-molded design also ensures that there are no weak points or vulnerable seams that can compromise the cooler's insulation and ice retention capabilities.

Another key feature that sets our hard-sided coolers apart is their thick, insulated walls, which effectively trap cold air inside the cooler while keeping external heat at bay. Equipped with environmentally friendly Ecofoam insulation, your cooler will keep ice frozen for longer, even in scorching hot temperatures.

Check out these tips from the Cordova team on how to maximize your cooler’s ice retention: Keep The Contents of Your Cooler Colder Longer.

Where to Buy Cordova Outdoors Hard Coolers:

If you're ready to experience the unbeatable ice retention and American craftsmanship of Cordova coolers, look no further! Cordova coolers are available for purchase directly on our website where you can browse our full range of sizes, colors, and customization options. In addition to our online store, you can also find Cordova coolers at select retailers across the country. We're proud to partner with local businesses that share our passion for quality and craftsmanship, bringing Cordova coolers to outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. If you can’t find us there, you can visit us in person at our Nampa, Idaho location—where all the magic happens! Our showroom is open to the public every third Thursday of the month!

So why wait? Experience the Cordova difference for yourself and join the countless others who have made Cordova coolers their go-to choice for all their outdoor adventures. Whether you're hitting the trails, camping under the stars, or enjoying a day at the beach, Cordova hard coolers are the perfect companion for keeping your drinks cold and your food fresh, no matter where your adventures take you.


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