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7 Best Outdoor Fall Activities You Have to Do This Year

Summer is in the rearview mirror, let’s keep moving forward (because what other choice do we even have?). Cooler temperatures might mean less time at the beach or on the lake, but there’s plenty for fun stuff to enjoy outdoors in the fall. Here are seven ideas we think are worthy of consideration. Why seven? Because eight is too many, and six isn’t enough! Also a shameless plug to take Cordova Outdoors along with you whenever and wherever you go.

1. Backyard Bonfires:

Staring at the flames and feeling the warmth of a fire in a backyard or the backcountry just after sunset is as fall as it gets. Enjoy the silence or tell some tall tales (the really good ones start with, “So, there I was…”) and toast some s'mores. Our Tote bag makes hauling the fire fuel or the food easy and to keep your drinks cold and your marshmallow-roasting supplies intact, trust Cordova's Basecamp Class coolers. Our Eco-Foam insulation will keep your beverages and chocolate bars chilled throughout the evening(s).

2. Pumpkin Patch/Corn Mazes/Hayrides:

October is Pumpkin Picking Time. If you’ve seen “Quarterback” on Netflix you’ve seen how much fun can be had at a pumpkin patch (and if you haven’t, you should – it’s a great series!). Corn mazes are a-mazing and hayrides are just plain old-fashioned wholesome fun. OK, we don’t even have a product tie-in here, just go have a good time!

3. Fall Hikes:

With cooler temperatures, the spring runoff long gone, and breathtaking foliage, fall is prime time for hiking. Pack your Cordova Backpack with a picnic lunch and drinks and get on out there. We recently took one out for 10 hours up Mount Timpanogos in Utah, the pack handled the load well and the drinks were still ice-cream headache-inducing cold at the end of the day. Plus the temps and views were awesome.

4. Leaf Peeping Road Trips:

Road tripping is a uniquely American pastime and there’s no better season to see the sights than fall. Looks like visitors have exhausted the goodwill of the folks around Sleepy Hollow Farm (thanks, Instagram!), but there are plenty of other beautiful vistas to witness the stunning fall foliage Research the best routes and destinations in your area for leaf peeping (thanks, Internet!), pack your Cordova Backcountry Daypack cooler with snacks and drinks, and hit the open road. Don't forget your camera to capture the kaleidoscope of colors and tag us in your Insta post. #cooleradventures.

5. Fall Festivals:

Fall festivals are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the spirit of the season. From back-to-school fundraisers to pumpkin festivals to harvest fairs, there's something for everyone. Again, no plug here – it’s just a good time.

6. Camping under the Stars/Stargazing:

Fall camping offers maybe the best time of the year for sleeping outside with cooler evenings and fewer bugs. Whether you prefer a tent, camper, truck bed or a cabin, spending a night in the great outdoors is a memorable way to welcome autumn. Cordova's Basecamp Class hard coolers and drinkware will ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable camping trip.

7. Tailgating:

If you’re lucky enough to back a baseball team playing in October, grab our Outbound cooler, toss it in the truck or the trunk and head for the ballpark. Make the most of the postseason and let us help you keep the drinks and meat for the grill cold before the game. For football, your team doesn’t even have to be good to enjoy fall tailgating (looking at you Bears fan, and wondering how Broncos Country is riding right about now). High School’s Friday Night Lights, College Football’s Saturday afternoons or the NFL’s Sunday Showdowns. You know the drill: get there early (Eagles fan: the day BEFORE is maybe too early…), set up corn hole, grill some brats, crack some tall boys and maybe even go into the game. Or, if you’re down big one quarter in and your QB is seeing ghosts before Halloween, maybe not.

All, right, that’s what we’ve got for you! Embrace the magic of fall with these seven outdoor activities and take us with you when you go! Whether you're roasting marshmallows by a bonfire or sipping hot apple cider on the hayride from our extremely well-insulated mug (there’s the shameless plug!), Cordova's Basecamp Class hard coolers Backcountry Class soft coolers, bags and drinkware are here to enhance your experience.

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