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30 oz Tumbler: Hydration Hero

Cordova’s customized Stainless Steel 30 oz Tumbler is ready to be your hydration hero whenever you’ve got windshield time on your agenda or a road trip on your calendar.

Stay ahead of the hydration and caffeination curves any time you’re behind the wheel or riding shotgun. Whether it’s the daily commute, a long haul traveling over the Sierra Nevada, Wasatch and Front Range of the Rocky Mountains (So, you’re gonna take 80 over to 15, then drop down to 70…) or enjoying some open road through America’s Heartland (Stay on 70, until you hit 35, then head north to Minneapolis, or south to Dallas) on our unmatched Interstate Highway System (Thanks, Ike! And Happy Presidents’ Day!).

Our 30 oz Tumbler’s tapered shape is ideal for cupholders and the gasket-sealed, slider spout lid means zero splashes when the inevitable bump in the road comes along. The vacuum-sealed body virtually eliminates heat transfer in (for iced drinks) or out (for hot) so the ice or steam that was there when you headed out will still be there when you pull in.

The optimization of form and function continues with customization options. Request laser engraving or full color printing of any logo you can imagine right through our website: site address.

Throw our neoprene boot on the bottom for extra traction and bump protection, fuel up whatever you’re cruising in and keep yourself fueled up while you’re out with your thoughtfully designed (by us) and customized (by you) 30 oz Tumbler.

Drive on.

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