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2023 Gift Guide: 

The best outdoor adventure holiday gifts that won't break the bank are right here! Our 2023 gift guide is packed with budget-friendly, useful and long-lasting products.

Whether you're shopping for friends, family, or even treating yourself, these affordable presents under $30 have got you covered.

1. Tumblers and Bottles for Staying Hydrated and/or Caffeinated On the Go.

Our vacuum-sealed, stainless steel drinkware is the perfect stocking stuffer for those who appreciate a durable and eco-responsible way to enjoy their favorite drinks while on the move. Our 2023 gift guide showcases a variety of colors and sizes that will last for years. AND you can customize the piece right on our website to make the gift truly unique.

2. Wire Accessory Baskets to Keep Everything in Its Place

There are things you WANT to dig to the bottom of your cooler for (looking at you, tall boy) and things you prefer to keep above the fray (lunchmeat is best when NOT submerged). If you're shopping for someone who uses their Basecamp Class Cooler to its full potential, our wire accessory basket is an understated but fantastic gift option. Ridiculously affordable, built to fit just right, and bound to be appreciated by those who understand the value of keeping kit organized.

3. Divider Sets for Organized Living

Same theme, different product. Our dividers work well on their own or in concert with our Accessory Baskets. It’s an old military maxim that “Two is one and one is none” so we sell these in pairs. Remove one, use it as a cutting board, and slide it back next to its buddy when you’re done. Your provisions will remain in place throughout. The Chugach cutout is designed to make orientation easy - each divider has an O for extracting and a U to allow its pair to depart. Made in Idaho!.

4. Hats to Stay Cool and Stylish

We don’t compromise here. Cordova Outdoors offers the Classic Richardson 112, customized by our friends down the street at Salute Apparel. With a few badge options reflecting things that are important to us, like America and wild places, we’re proud to wear these hats ourselves and offer them to discerning consumers.

5. Stickers for Personalized Creativity

Thow some flare on there. Our collections are designed by artists we’re proud to collaborate with throughout the Country. From Cordova, AK where we claim heritage, all the way to the Sunbelt and the Great Plains. Check out our stickers here

In summary, Cordova Outdoors under $30 2023 gift guide offers affordable, quality, unique, thoughtful holiday presents that punch above their price tag. Happy gifting!

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