Rotomolded Coolers Features


When you purchase a Cordova Cooler, our superior quality and design ensures #cooleradventures. Here's why:
Made in the USA


When you purchase a Cordova Cooler, rest assured you're buying something made in America, by Americans. Supporting a local workforce is important to us, not only to keep jobs in our own country but also to ensure everything we produce is the best quality available. The only way to make sure that happens is to oversee every aspect of production. From design to the finished product, we are proud to be able to say our coolers are made in the USA.


Not only do Cordova Coolers have better features than others on the market, but we've also crafted them to included all the "cool" features instead of nickel and diming our customers with "add-ons." From design to the finished product, we are proud to be able to say our Hard-sided coolers are made in the USA.

Cordova Rotaional Molding

Rotational Molded

Makes our coolers extremely tough and strong.

Cordova Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our product.

Top Latch

Top Mounted Lid Latches

Allow you to open your cooler without opening your tailgate or moving your cooler up or away to get your cooler open in the boat, RV, Etc.

Cordova Drain Plug

Superior Drain Plug

Made from Delrin Plastic which makes for overall higher toughness and higher tensile strength and stiffness

Cordova Handles

CNC Machined Handles

These handles will not pinch your hands and will assist in keeping the cooler steady while carrying it.

Built-in Bottle Openers

Built in Bottle-Opener

On all 4 sides of the aluminum handles.

Molded-in Handle

Additional molded-in handle

If you prefer to use it to carry or can be used to strap down in the back of your UTV.

Raised Tray

Built-in, raised tray

Keep your tackle on top of the cooler and out of your carpet on your boat.

Cordova Lid Lock System

Patented Lid Lock System

Keeps the lid from slamming on your hands while your fishing out your favorite beverage.

Cordova Gasket Seal

Quad-core rubber gasket

Makes the cooler extremely efficient and airtight. Listen to your cooler when you close it and you can tell it's airtight.

Goat's feet

Anti-slip Goat's Feet

This cooler will not slide around in the back of your truck.

Cordova Coolers - Bear Resistant Certified

Certified Bear Resistant

The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee has certified Cordova Coolers as Bear Resistant.

The Only Question Is... Which Size?

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